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two rich women shopping spree

“I Spent Almost $1,000 To ‘Be Spontaneous’—And I Don’t Regret It at All”

If you're wondering whether paying for an expensive experience like this is worth it, let me tell you that yes, it 100% is. Here's why.

couple unpacking their things for their new apartment

30 Things You Need in Your Apartment by the Time You Turn 30

A list of things you should have in your apartment by the time you turn 30. Whether you're just starting out or almost there, this list has you covered!

A hand holding two pieces of coins above the jar

The Freelancer’s Guide to Saving for Retirement

Are you a freelancer? If so, you're probably not saving enough for retirement. Check out this guide for tips on how to start planning for your future today.

Students studying at business school

6 MBA Students Share Their Top Tips for Making the Most of Business School

Going to business school is a huge investment. These students share their tips on how to get the most out of it and make your degree work for you.

A person inserting a coin to the piggy bank

38 Ways To Save Money Without Trying (Much)

Tired of feeling like you have to deprive yourself in order to save money? Check out these 38 different ways to save money without making much of an effort.

A graphic design for Monday Motivation

LEVO’s Monday Vibes: Happy Monday Quotes | Join the Motivation Challenge!

Elevate Mondays with LEVO's #MondayMotivation Challenge! Share and discover inspiring Motivational Monday Quotes. Let's make Mondays memorable!

A group of people in an Indian sit pose on a mat

Finding Serenity: Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Destress from Work

Stressful workdays? Learn effective ways and practical tips on how to destress at work. Take control of your well-being and productivity with this method.

woman smiling and looking ready for an interview

5 Power Hairstyles That Will Wow in *Any* Interview

You landed the interview of your dreams, now it's time to make sure you look the part! Here are 5 power hairstyles for interviews.

woman browsing her planner calendar

How to Stop Yourself from Overscheduling

Do you constantly overschedule your day? We have a few tips on how to stop yourself from overscheduling.

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