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Job Applications: Why You Should Go for Quality Over Quantity!

There is a justification for quality above quantity, despite your belief that "the more jobs I apply for, the better chance I have of landing one."

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Constructive Criticism: Six Strategies for Receiving and Processing Feedback

Have you ever received constructive criticism? It's not easy to hear, but by following this plan, you will be able to use feedback constructively.

A closeup photo of the word mission highlighted on a dictionary.

3 Steps to Creating a Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement can help you stay on track with your career goals and define who you are. Here's how to create one in three easy steps.

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Find Your Motivation: Six Tips for Productivity

Whether you’re back at the office after a long weekend or studying for a mid-week test, here are six tips that will help you stay motivated and productive.

a woman shaking hands with her interviewer

Interview Basics: How to Dress for an Interview

What are the do's and don'ts of dressing up for a job interview? Read and find out more in this article.

A woman reviewing some charts in front of her laptop.

Success at Work: Why You Should Be a Flexible Employee

Being adaptable in the workplace is key to success. Here's why you should be a flexible employee and how it will help your career

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