If you find yourself struggling to stay motivated for tasks that need completion, here are six helpful tips to get the job done and remain productive! Whether it’s getting back into a normal workweek routine or studying diligently for upcoming exams after a weekend of fun, these tips can help keep your mind focused and on track.

1. Establish a routine

Even though I’m not a fan of getting up early, having a weekday routine makes it much easier to mentally prepare for the rest of my day by the time I arrive in the office. Try setting your alarm for about the same hour Monday through Friday so that eventually you won’t have to rely on pressing snooze repeatedly. As soon as I wake up, one cup of coffee keeps me going until work begins. While sipping away at my mug, reading some news and checking emails gives my brain just enough stimulation to stay focused when tackling more demanding tasks ahead. With a full dose of caffeine now coursing through me, nothing can stop me from being completely prepared and alert!

2. Be organized

Structuring your day is pivotal when you have a lot on your plate. To stay organized and productive, it’s best to use a planner that not only remembers all of your tasks but also serves as an outline for time management purposes. I personally prefer using my Microsoft Outlook calendar throughout the workweek since I’m typically near my computer and those timely reminders help me never miss important calls or meetings. Furthermore, staying smartly organized will prevent wasted time searching for necessary items; consequently allowing you to finish things promptly! Organizing your desktop with Microsoft Outlook folders and emails will keep all of your data neat and tidy. Additionally, developing naming conventions for said files will benefit you in the long run by allowing quicker retrieval of desired documents.

3. Make deadlines

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Even if there isn’t an actual deadline to get something completed, creating one for yourself will be your best bet at making sure that it gets done. It’s important to prioritize; but if the task is already on your list of things to do, then it should take precedence and be taken care of in a timely fashion. Don’t let procrastination win – set those self-imposed deadlines and stick with them!

4. Take small breaks

If you’ve been working too hard and for too long, small details may be overlooked or lethargy may set in. A quick break from your chair every hour or two will do wonders; a trip to the bathroom or coffee run is ideal. Stepping away from your desk can refresh your mind with new ideas and invigorate you!

5. Stay motivated

It is much easier to complete a task when you are genuinely interested in it. When writing your college paper, pick the topic that sparks your curiosity the most – not necessarily what has an obvious answer – as this will be evident within the quality of work and result in higher grades. In addition, keep in mind that even with mundane job tasks, these can still be seen as learning opportunities for career growth!

6. Know yourself

We are all unique in our own ways and that’s more than okay! The key to maximizing your productivity is understanding which period of the day best aligns with your energy levels. Whether you’re a morning person, an afternoon person, or someone who finds their focus surging late at night – use this knowledge to schedule tasks requiring intense concentration during these preeminent times. Additionally, be mindful of where you feel most comfortable while working as well; I personally find deep secluded libraries ideal for when charged deadlines hit me hard (such was often the case when tackling large essays in college). When I’m given a typical, manageable assignment to do, my go-to spot is either the local coffee shop or with a group of close friends. Above all else, understand what you need specifically in order to be as productive as possible – if your focus will waver from not having exercised yet that day perhaps it’s worth taking an hour break and squeezing in a workout before getting back into work without any interruptions.

Staying productive not only leads to a better quality of work but can also save time in the long run. As you feel more fulfilled and accomplished with what you achieve on the job, your employer will take note as well. When employers witness that you are self-motivated and able to tackle tasks without having someone micromanage them for completion, they may offer additional responsibilities or even consider advancing your career.

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