Struggling to find clarity in your career? Unclear on what direction you are heading towards? Or perhaps, have difficulty selling yourself. Creating a personal mission statement is the perfect way to define who you are and where your ambitions lie. This will not only keep you focused but also ensure that you stay true to your goals and prevent any kind of aimless wandering from occurring. Think of it as a stepping stone for self-enlightenment – an anchor built upon awareness and purposeful commitment!

Crafting an impactful mission statement does not happen overnight. It necessitates time, reflection, and creativity for it to be effective. If you are short on these resources, taking a personality test may provide the answers you need – the results offer insight into your “ready-to-wear” traits that can help guide you in creating your mission statement!

1. Take an inventory of your character strengths and virtues.

Creating a mission statement that is true to you begins by acknowledging your individual characteristics, values, and attributes. These aspects of yourself dictate how to create a personal mission statement and how you perceive and interact with the world around you, and what is important to you, in addition to influencing the decisions that define who YOU are.

My Example:

  • Creativity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Love of learning
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Empathy
  • Critical thinking

2. Define your priorities.

It is essential to determine your personal and professional objectives. Where would you like to devote your energy, time, or resources? Priorities form the basis of your mission statement – they should be comprehensive yet straightforward.

My Example:

  • To provide my family with the emotional, social, and financial security they deserve.
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat nutritiously, and take time for proper rest each week.
  • To appreciate and benefit from nature and the arts
  • To stay updated on the latest developments in my niche of psychology and career consulting.
  • To be a steady source of support and comfort for my family and friends in times of need.

3. Gather information

Now that you have collected your thoughts, it’s time to begin writing. Remember: the objective of how to write a personal mission statement is to illustrate the impact you hope to make with your life. It should present qualities that set and distinguish you from others. Your mission statement should state who you are currently and also who or what aspirations do seek in both your personal and professional lives.

My Example:

Who I Am and What I Value

I strive to live my life with understanding, respect, and openness. I hold compassion for all living things close to my heart – myself included – especially when it comes to those who are important in my life. Moreover, as a responsible steward of the planet we call home, I am eager to protect our environment and act on behalf of individuals who may be forgotten or overlooked by society at large. Kindness is key; it’s not only part of how I want others around me treated but also serves as a reminder that kindness matters no matter what! Ultimately, these core values guide both my purpose and day-to-day actions: empathy combined with education can lead us down paths filled with possibilities.

Impact or Legacy I Want to Leave

Ultimately, I wish to be remembered as someone who was passionate about developing relationships with others: we shared laughter, defeats, successes, and joys throughout the journey; my life will have made a difference because it impacted other people’s lives in small yet meaningful ways. When considering how to create an effective mission statement, it’s essential to focus on clarity and purpose.

Professional Values

I am professionally driven to aid others in discovering their paths. I do this by utilizing my positive psychology training, human resources, and organizational systems knowledge, as well as the life wisdom that I have gathered from past mistakes and regrets. With unwavering commitment, I will use all of my skills and efforts to help clients find themselves and the best career options for them.

Personal Values

Personally, I am driven to emotionally support my family and aid them in living meaningful lives full of happiness, purposefulness, and positive connections. Even the smallest contributions to others bring great meaning and worth to me. It is essential for me to lead a busy life with balance; this means taking responsibility for my physical, spiritual, and mental health through exercise routines, meditation practices, prayerful moments of grace & thankfulness as well as making time for those who energize & invigorate me.

Now, give it a try!

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