With summer in full swing, it’s time to focus on your well-being. From avoiding burnout at work to getting more exercise during the day, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to energizing your life. Check out all of our tips and tricks here:

1. What to Do:

Are you working with a limited budget? Get fit without spending a lot of money.
Hoping to maintain workplace health and wellness? Work it into your day.
Having trouble getting your team to cooperate? Create a company sports league.
Do you love yoga? Get it done at your desk.
Looking for someone to work out with? Ask your colleague.
Feeling guilty because you missed your morning workout? Use the stairs.
Feeling sleepy? Improve the quality of your sleep tonight.
Is your post-workout look a little…messy? Don’t worry about it.

2. What to Eat:

Want to improve at your job? Devour this.
Looking for a power lunch? It’s coming back.
Want to detoxify? Drink some juice.
Craving sweets? Don’t.
Feeling thirsty? This will keep you parched.

3. Who to Follow:

Like Twitter? Use it to network.
Looking for some inspiration? Check Instagram.
Want something unique? Check out these brands.

4. How to Get Motivated:

Do you love your body? These women feel the same.
Not feeling your best? These apps are at your service.
Do you like to compete? A fitness band is a great way to get in shape.
Are you feeling exhausted and unenthused? The following are some signs.
Looking for a new book to read? Here are some things you might like.
Wasting time? Never let boredom win.

Keep an eye on this blog for more tips later in the month on how to improve your health, productivity, and well-being!

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