A new forecast predicts that the global coworking membership will continue to grow by around 40 percent per year and reach 1 million members by 2018. This indicates that coworking spaces are just becoming more and more popular, as well. If you ever end up in one, this is what you may experience:

  1. “Look at all these people working on different things at the same time. It’s pretty cool that I am working amongst so many diverse businesses.”
  2. “This is so open and great. Walls just put up barriers. Literally.”

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  1. “Gosh, I’m cool. Look at all these cool people and I’m one of them. Maybe I’ll ride a bike home from work today.”
  2. “Wow. Good for that person just eating hard boiled eggs. That takes guts. Also, that is a strong smell.”

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  1. “It’s so nice that my desk neighbor feels comfortable enough to break up with her boyfriend on the phone. For two hours. Oh good, now she is calling her mom.”
  2. “I used to think humming was a nice thing. I don’t anymore.”

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  1. “Wow, look at this group. And now look at this guy. Hmm, have I even looked at my computer in the last 10 minutes? Too much good people watching. OK, understanding the purpose of cubicles more.”
  2. “Free coffee. This is amazing!”
  3. “But I did reserve this conference room…a month ago. And confirmed it twice this week. And three times this morning.”
  4. “I think I just saw something crawl off that guy’s desk. Seriously.”
  5. “Oh, cool, a ping-pong ball just landed on my desk…in my free cup of coffee.”
  6. “Did you see Nashville last night? Neither did I, but I do know the entire plot now thanks to the startup group that sits behind me.
  7. “OK, we are in the work groove now. Look at us go. Whoa, is that person carrying balloons? Is there cake somewhere?”
  8. “How many times can one listen to the new Adele song? Apparently quite a bit.”
  9. “The free coffee is less exciting now, but there is something really great about being around people who are pursuing their passions.

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