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It’s perfectly natural to be elated when starting your first job. After all, there is so much unknown information awaiting you. And while some of it will be explicitly taught to you, other lessons won’t present themselves until later on. To give yourself a head start, here are key things that no one tells you at your first job.

1. Your life’s greater purpose.

While some of us can be fortunate enough to find a job that feels like it was meant for us, most people’s greater life purpose is not as simply linked to their occupation. It often requires taking time to develop and understand what you value before you figure out what your place in the world is. You might not get all of that from your first role.

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2. Anything you don’t ask about.

It’s crucial to always keep in mind that this job is your responsibility. If you don’t ask questions, you will never get answers. You must take in everything happening around you, but at the same time, don’t forget to voice your questions too. You need to step up and be proactive by asking the right types of questions.

3. How to bypass frustrating workplace etiquette.

There are always going to be social customs in the workplace that you’ll never understand. Part of being a good employee is taking the time to pay attention to your work environment and following cues, but don’t stress if you’re still unsure about how to act around your company’s executives.

4. What is your work-life balance recipe?

Finding work-life balance is an ongoing journey that can’t be learned in your first role. It’s something you need to continuously strive for and reevaluate as different seasons of your life come and go. You may have to work late hours or check emails on the weekends in your first job but try not to let it become a habit. Take each scenario as it comes and learn from each experience until you find what works best for you.

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5. The perfect company environment.

happy employees in modern office

Your first job will likely be unlike any other experiences you have had up until this point. It can be easy to believe that the way your coworkers interact is representative of workplaces globally, but each company has its own culture and perks which you won’t understand the value of until you’ve moved on and gained new perspectives.

The corporate world offers many employees the chance to move up a ladder, but adventurers may only stay for a short while. Regardless, don’t underestimate either way of living your life. A person’s career is often viewed as a blank canvas because it offers newbies in the workforce a unique opportunity that should not be taken lightly.

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