Not only is it essential to dress for success, but your interview hairstyle can also communicate confidence and power. Well-known hair stylist Rodney Cutler from the Cutler/Redken salons shares with us a few different “power hairstyles” ideal for nailing that upcoming interview.

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1. Deep Side Part

“If you add a very strong side part, it gives a deliberate sense of empowerment,” Cutler says. For an interview, Cutler suggests parting the hair beginning near the outer edge of the eyebrow and creating a sleek, flat look across the head. “I think it gives it that very editorial, very dramatic finish,” he adds. If you find that the deep side part is too dramatic for your face, try softening it up by parting your hair in the opposite direction of your natural hair growth. For this look, begin between the middle of the eyebrow instead of at the outer edge.

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2. Long and Sleek

Cutler suggests that a classic, straightened look is always in style for job interview hairstyle. “If you want it to be strong, concise, and have drama, go with the flat-iron,” he says. This look also works well with the side part.

Levo also suggests loose waves. When you interview for a job in a calmer workplace, it presents that you’re willing to have fun while still looking professional.

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3. Top Knot

This style is flattering for any hair type, from straight to curly, Cutler says. An updo like this creates a look of authority for an interview, he adds. For a top knot: Pull hair back into a ponytail where you want the knot to sit. Grab the center of the ponytail, twist it into a knot, and pin it in place.

4. Side-Swept Bob

If you can manage a short hair for interview such as a pixie or bob, congratulations! “A pixie cut is always eye-catching and it indicates that the woman wearing it has the confidence to go for something shorter,” Cutler says. With how strong of a look short hair already is, Cutler recommends using product to sweep the bangs over to one side in order to soften it up slightly.

5. Tight Ponytail

To achieve a tight ponytail, begin by gathering all of your hair together at the nape of your neck. “That’s what makes it look like you didn’t just come from the beach,” Cutler says. “It has a sleek silhouette.” Achieving a low ponytail that looks chic is easier than you might think. First, use a Mason Pearson brush and hairspray to get a “slick” look. Next, secure with a bungee rather than hair band (a cue from the runways). “If you use a typical elastic, it can slip,” Cutler says. Depending on your face shape, you can wear this look with a side part or with the hair swept back like in the top knot.

You’ve got this! Go out there and ace that interview!

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