When you reach the age of 30, many changes take place in your life: You get to enjoy amazing trips, own luxurious silk pajamas and land the career of your dreams. A beautiful adult apartment that reflects how sophisticated and accomplished you are is the perfect counterpart to your fantastic career. While it doesn’t need to be a sprawling estate with a doorman and copious amounts of wine (That would be great), your home should reflect the fact that you take life seriously. An abode that is well-kept and accurately reflects who you are will demonstrate this to others. As you enter your thirties, these 30 items should be a cornerstone of your home.

1. A reclining chair

To me, achieving my dreams is the definition of success. Just envision Rachel sprawled out on her LazyBoy Delux 3000 and you’ll be sprinting to get yours without any hesitation.

2. Framed posters and photos

Whether you choose a painting or a print, if it holds meaning to you then make sure to display it in an eye-catching frame. You don’t have to break the bank either — Bed, Bath & Beyond has frames for every budget and style.

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3. Placemats

When you are in your twenties, worrying about providing food for yourself may be the furthest thing from your mind. Nonetheless, as you reach 30 years old, that outlook shifts dramatically.

4. Legit curtains

While you may believe opting to hang up a bed sheet or tapestry is a savvy choice, it simply appears uninspired. Moreover, you can’t clothe seven children with just one tablecloth – so why bother?

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5. A functional desk

Even if you prefer keeping all your work in the office, having the choice to use a clean and tidy workspace when necessary should be an option. Alternatively, maybe you just want to work on your magnum opus or screenplay.

6. A computer

Even if you’re determined to have a digital detox on the weekend, you must maintain some access to the internet for work via your computer, tablet, or phone – just in case.

7. Lights that serve a purpose 

Although a twinkle light may seem enchanting, it is not sufficient illumination for someone with three decades of life experience. For that reason, having an additional reading light in the room will enable you to make out your favorite passages clearly and comfortably.

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8. Alarm clock

Despite the reliance we now have on our phones, an alarm clock is still a quintessential sign of adulthood. Taking this step can be difficult to imagine in today’s world; however, it should not be overlooked.

9. A filing system

To maintain a sense of order in your house, it is essential to arrange and store important documents efficiently. Don’t let them be scattered around; devise an organized filing system today!

10. A Crock-Pot

Make it appear as if you are a culinary maestro by merely combining several ingredients into one pot and allowing them to simmer. You’ll be deemed victorious with minimal effort!

11. Storage space

You’ve been alive for three decades and you have collected some memories along the way. Yet, your high school yearbooks don’t need to be a constant reminder of those days – let them take up space elsewhere.

12. Books

Even if you aren’t a serious bookworm, acquire a few of your favorites. Books reflect who we are and what we value. On top of that, everyone needs Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg or Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants in their collection! These works also double as beautiful coffee table decorations as well – win-win!

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13. A fully-stocked fridge

Even if you’re rarely home for meals, always have something in your pantry ready to offer last-minute guests!

14. A drawer for your workout clothes 

You’ve got an abundance of items from Lulu, Athleta, and Fabletics among more athleisure stores–these deserve to have their drawer.

15. A fancy wine opener 

As an adult, you have earned the right to effortlessly uncork a bottle of wine on Friday evening!

16. Makeshift wine glasses

Throw an epic party and invite all your friends without having to worry about running out of cups!

17. Wooden hangers

You’re 30 and it’s time to invest in wooden hangers. Your suits will thank you for the upgrade!

18. Visible Wifi password

Wouldn’t it be a hassle if you had to go on an exhausting hunt for that tiny slip of paper you wrote your overly drawn-out password whenever someone needed access to your Wifi?

19. Plants

At 30 years old, it’s essential to develop the capability to nurture a living thing. Nurturing a living creature doesn’t have to be limited to humans or animals, why not try caring for a plant or fish instead?

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20. Eating space

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could devour your meals in the comfort of a chair instead of always leaning over counters? Even just having an area to sit down at, such as a coffee table or desk, would make for a much more pleasant dining experience.

21. Multiple phone chargers

Having two phone chargers on hand can be hugely beneficial. Don’t be caught without one!

22. Throw pillows

You have worked hard and deserve them!

23. Holiday decor

No need to go over-the-top this holiday season, but just a small gesture to remind everyone that you know what month it is can make all the difference.

24. A coat rack

You surely have an abundant collection of coats by now. No longer do you need to casually cast them on the couch, your bed, or even the ground (you can eventually move it all to a coat rack).

25. A good desk chair

Much like in an office, a supportive desk chair is critical to providing the comfort that you need while working.

26. Rugs

Even college students can enjoy the comfort of a rug! A small area rug helps add an inviting and cozy atmosphere to any room, making those cold nights just a bit warmer.

27. A foyer (or a makeshift one)

You need somewhere to keep your keys, a place for the shoes you just bought, a room in which to store your bag, and an area where you can hang up that new coat rack – it’s all essential.

28. Valuables

Your home doesn’t have to be a museum with expensive paintings adorning the walls and furniture too nice to sit on, but it should include something that you invested in. You don’t need many such items – just something that took more than one paycheck for you to buy!

29. A great bed

In this day and age, it’s simply not tolerable to have a bad bed.

30. A place that feels like home 

As you enter your 30th year, a defining moment for many people, it’s essential to have an abode that is reflective of who you are. This home should be designed to bring solace and offer respite from the sometimes overwhelming chaos of everyday life.

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