A couple of weeks ago, as I watched young Millennials laughing and playing on the beach in New Jersey, I turned to my mom sitting next to me and we started talking about work and life. I remember clearly saying to myself, “I wish I wasn’t always so motivated.” Now, this isn’t to say that the other girls around me weren’t focused. I just wished that instead of being concentrated on what comes next–the internship after this one, the research project waiting to be assigned, life post-graduation–I could focus more on living in and enjoying the present moment.

Recently, an opportunity to see my favorite football team play their city rivals in London arose, so I said “YOLO” for the first time and bought a plane ticket. If I’m being completely transparent, I had multiple anxiety attacks before pressing the “buy” button. Would it be wise to take another couple of days off from work? Could my bank account cover the cost? What would my parents say? Is this purchase worth it? These thoughts raced through my mind and took over for several days as I contemplated what decision to make.

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Today’s Millennials can largely be divided into two categories: those who enjoy new experiences and see every day as a chance for something different, and those who are very driven and sometimes become so focused that they forget there is more to life than what they’re doing. I certainly fall into the group that takes their education and career seriously. While it has paid off well– I go to a good college and have landed a great job- I often find myself wondering if I’m truly living my best life in my 20s.

We recently launched our Levo 100 list which consists of extraordinary individuals who are changing what it means to be a Millennial. It’s been very inspiring to hear the stories of these men and women, including entrepreneurs, activists, and creative people. This interaction made me think a lot about my purpose. Every one of these 100 people has something they’re fighting for a mission that drives them every day. But what’s even more inspiring is that each person has also experienced difficulties in their life at some point. Many people believe that taking a year off, racking up credit card debt, and spending money on unnecessary items will cause detriment to their success. However, these beliefs are false–these actions are simply part of life’s journey.

I’m so pleased I spent $850 to watch the Chelsea versus Arsenal soccer game with my brother. Not only was it great quality time, but we also got to relive my experience living in London. And Chelsea didn’t just beat Arsenal–they demolished them! The match was eventful and included two red cards and two outstanding goals. Though I may have to enjoy my finer things less often, I am happy to pay those small prices for the chance to do something that makes me happy.

What was the best moment of your life that you’ll never forget? Share it with us in a comment below.

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