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The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) predicts that the class of 2013 will total 1,744,000 bachelor’s degree graduates. Thus far, more than one million new alumni have ventured out into adulthood and real-world life experiences.

As a recent graduate, you may be wondering how to put your degree and experiences to good use. How can you turn that passion for your industry into tangible results in today’s tough job market?

Take advantage of these top tips to maximize your new alum status!

Utilize your alumni network

Leveraging your alumni network can be a potent way to increase your chances of success in the job market, as you have an automatic connection with those who attended the same school. As referrals are often seen as one of the most powerful methods for sourcing potential hires, combining that with networking through shared connections could enable you to swiftly secure the career opportunity of your dreams.

Tip: cultivate and nurture your relationships with those in your network. They should be aware of what you can provide them so that they’ll come to YOU when the need arises – not just because you are beginning a job search. Don’t become someone who only appears when there’s something to gain; no one enjoys dealing with leeches!

Create and maintain an online image

You’ve likely heard the same advice before, but it cannot be overstated: Your online presence and reputation are critical. The reality is that employers increasingly rely on digital searches as a screening tool; in fact, one out of every ten young job seekers were denied employment due to their social media channels. If your profile includes pictures from past events or posts offensive material, you could easily end up being overlooked for opportunities.

Tip: As you begin your job search, put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Does the content on your profile match their mission? Posting relevant industry news and demonstrating an understanding of trends can be a great start! Furthermore, curating a website that showcases who you are is one of the most important steps toward personal branding success – Forbes reports that 56% of hiring managers find this to be more impressive than any other tool or strategy. Having such an online presence will help employers get to know why YOU should fit into their team.

Look into postgraduate internship positions

Upon graduating, you may not think a short-term internship or ambassador program is for you. You probably believed those days were over! Nevertheless, this could be your opportunity to break into an organization and finally land the job of your dreams. Studies have revealed that candidates who intern with a company possess roughly a 70 percent chance of being hired by them afterward.

Not only can campus ambassador programs, like those developed by 1 Degree Hire, grant new professionals the chance to make money through commissions but they also provide an invaluable resource for building essential skills. As part of these programs, you will be able to create content, craft a professional network, and develop your personal brand – experiences that could prove vital later on in life. Although such positions may not last forever, there’s no denying their power when it comes to career prospects!

Tip: Beyond job-seeking strategies that are commonplace, one of the most powerful methods for discovering internship and ambassador opportunities is through your career center. Even though you aren’t a student anymore, you should still take advantage of this resource and use it to your full benefit! Career centers are always ready to assist alums who want to stay connected with their colleges – so don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity like this!

Go outside the box

If you want to achieve success in today’s fiercely competitive job market, ordinary techniques won’t suffice. To rise above the rest of the applicant pool and make yourself stand out, think about what it would take for you to land your dream job—and then put at least triple that amount of effort into it!

A conventional resume can showcase your experience, but adding creative design elements and crafting a video version will make you stand out from the competition. Crafting something special requires hard work, of course; however, it’ll be well worth it in terms of the rewards!

Tip: You may feel inclined to utilize various features in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, but it is essential that you stay focused on what kind of impression you are aiming to create. Constructing a well-organized resume or creating a video that explains why you have the right credentials for this job are excellent options. However, do not resort to bribes like donut boxes and incessant phone calls—these will only hurt your chances! Be intentional about depicting your value by understanding what employers look for in their ideal candidate.

Navigating the post-graduate job market is no small feat, but with the right tactics and tools, you can turn your “now what” question into an exciting opportunity to discover the career of your dreams.

Are there any other ways that alums can leverage their new graduate status? We want to hear your thoughts and advice in the comments section!

Ask Levo Mentor Catherine Murphy, writer for Mercy Ships, how she maximized her job search post-graduation!

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