Recently, I made time to connect with a dear friend over coffee. As we chatted away, our discussion eventually shifted toward work. She confided in me that though she was content with her team, the working atmosphere had become a bit stagnant. In addition, projects were delayed and many opportunities to expand her skill set weren’t being fulfilled as promised. All of this made it difficult for her to maintain motivation and satisfaction at work.

She pondered whether she should remain in a job that has promised thrilling opportunities, though “why are you looking for a new job” is yet to deliver them, or if it was time to move on. Would she be seen as another indecisive Gen Y adult and enter into something even more undesirable than her current position?

Generally, when it comes to a noxious work environment, most of us would accept the hint and hightail outta there. But what if you’re mostly content with your team and tasks? What then?

5 Reasons To Look for a New Job

1. The People, the Work, the Money

Indeed, money doesn’t make the world go round, it just helps you do all those things you desire. Therefore, if your life goals are already accomplished then why would additional funds be necessary? If you’re content with your team and job but feel that there is more money to be earned elsewhere, do some digging. In addition to financial rewards, work also offers intangible benefits such as meaningful relationships, supportive communities, great workplace locations, and even training possibilities. Consider all the options before making a decision!

2. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait for… (Sort Of)

My companion was facing a hurdle as the goods she expected weren’t being delivered due to factors external to her influence. Though infuriating, there’s hope; if you happen to be in an entirely new workforce or launching up your venture, then luck can take a favorable turn soon! Put your attention on the matters you can control and create a list of goals with specific deadlines. If those dates pass by without any progress, then perhaps it’s time to consider searching for another job.

3. Make Your Feelings Known

Rather than jump ship and start anew at another job, it’s far simpler to take the initiative and communicate your worries regarding salary, tasks assigned to you, as well as professional growth. Doing so could lead to a potentially more fulfilling experience without having to face all of the hassles that come with changing jobs like dealing with unfamiliar teammates or discovering it wasn’t what you expected after all.

Don’t expect a drastic transformation overnight! Develop a three-month strategy and set achievable goals. If you find that there’s still no improvement after the prearranged time frame, your supervisor won’t be shocked if you begin exploring other job opportunities.

4. It Doesn’t Hurt To Look

When my friend was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, she began actively searching for new career opportunities. Through several rounds of interviews, she identified a comprehensive set of skills that were needed to ascend to the next level in her professional life. Are you seeking a promotion or are you merely substituting one job for another? If it’s the former, evaluate your resume and identify which abilities need to be upgraded to become their ideal applicant.

Consider the following reasons to look for a new job and assess if they resonate with your current situation.

5. Change Is Good

If you are still indecisive, take the plunge and apply for a few positions. The process might be lengthy but keep in mind that it is not necessary to let your supervisor know anything until you receive an offer and accept it! Don’t let yourself become too comfortable in your current job; the worst that can happen is that you stay put, but there’s so much possibility for a better career. You might get an offer to learn new skills and make more money while working with a team of go-getters! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and conquer greater heights.

Have you ever left a job since it didn’t offer personal growth or satisfy your passion?

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