If the Internet had a physical form, then an email would look like that sketchy person in your local mall trying to peddle their items. He’s unpleasant and inconsiderate of others’ time, so much so that his product feels just as obnoxious and unsavory as they come – like sticking around long enough to smell something intriguing yet revolting all at once!

Stop and think for a moment – even if you have experienced difficulty when attempting to forge meaningful connections via email. Don’t worry, here are five proven ways to craft emails that will attract responses from influential people and help foster relationships:

1. Be Brief

You lead an insanely busy life, juggling work and personal projects while still managing to make time for your friends. (It’s important to remember that you deserve a break every now and then!)

Folks who are successful have even more hectic lifestyles. A long email is like a stranger who divulges their entire life story five minutes after you’ve just met them – no one has the time for that! Keeping your messages concise diminishes the chances of your contact disregarding them and guiding them straight to their trash folder.

2. Keep It Genuine

“Hello, friend. I have a special secret that has saved me $10 million…”

Let’s move on, Automatic Delete.

This is an unfortunately widespread reality. Avoid writing emails that exude dishonesty; never belittle how much people yearn for true associations. People who have been successful learn to quickly determine when they are being misled after constantly experiencing others vying for their time and thoughtfulness. Whenever you try to mask your honest goals, the B.S. detector of those around you goes off like a siren!

If you desire something, make sure to communicate that clearly. If you have an amazing plan or concept, don’t be afraid to share it! Above all else, show sincerity in why the email was sent and how your message could benefit them. By doing this, trust will be established; a key factor for any successful relationship.

3. Be Likable

It’s an unpleasant experience to be on a date where the other person speaks only about themselves and their interests. Show your contacts respect by inverting that behavior in your emails; make them the stars of the show! Your message should focus primarily on their background, needs, and how you can provide value to them with what you have written. This will ensure they are far more receptive towards reading your email than if it centered solely around yourself.

To be liked, the second step is to make your request for information, meetings, or feedback easier for people to accept. Instead of asking someone if they can spare an entire hour, why not ask “Do you have 10 minutes for a conversation?” That way it’s much more likely that the person will agree and be glad to help you out.

When making requests on someone’s time, be sure to offer them an out. Putting too much pressure will likely lead to a decline in your request. Use phrases such as “I know you’re busy,” “at a time convenient for you,” or “let’s discuss this further when you’re back in town” that show consideration and understanding of their schedule constraints. This way, they feel comfortable responding positively!

When you help lighten another’s load, it makes you more appealing in their eyes.

4. Provide Value

As your iPhone starts to buzz, you recognize the caller’s number. Immediately, you decide it isn’t worth picking up; after all, they only call when they need something from you. But then a few minutes later another familiar face pops up on your screen and without hesitation – this one is definitely worth answering!

Why do you accept certain invitations over others? Because one friend offers intriguing updates and invites to remarkable occasions, while the other simply calls whenever they need something.

Likewise, being generous in your outreach creates relationships with people of interest. In emails to successful individuals, you can establish a connection by providing them with useful information or links within their area of expertise. The point is not solely about asking for something; it’s primarily about forming an association based upon mutual goals and interests—and great associations are formed through helping one another!

5. Show You’re Already Winning

Wanting to reach out to successful people is a wise idea because they are the ones who get results. Having them recognize that you have achieved success will quickly earn you credibility and trustworthiness.

Have you recently created something remarkable? Let your contact know. This will demonstrate that you are an invaluable worker and building a relationship with you won’t be a waste of their time or energy.

If we take a look at all the pieces, this email to New York Times best-selling author Chris Guillebeau resulted in an amazing interview and a fruitful relationship.

Establishing a mutual connection is the first step. Offering genuine praise is sure to follow. With lines, three and four, proposing a clear objective sets up an opportunity for enthusiastic acceptance of your project.

Line five of the email proves why Chris is a perfect fit for its contents. Line six talks about his likeability and gives him an escape route. And, with the second-to-last sentence reading “at a convenient day and time for you,” this relieves any burden from him voluntarily taking part in it.

Finally, my P.S. line exudes success without appearing arrogant or boastful; it simply communicates that I’m already a winner!

Note: Have you noticed the misspelling in Chris’s book title? It’s “world,” not “word.” Although it is always important to proofread thoroughly, this simple error proves that even an imperfect message can reach successful individuals and be met with a positive reaction!

Reach your aspirations faster with the help of influential people! All it takes is one powerful email to open up a world of possibilities.

What’s your key to crafting a compelling email that resonates with influential figures? What has been the biggest obstacle you have encountered when creating messages for high achievers? Share your experiences and advice with us below!

Reggie Hall Jr., from FreshWisdom, helps keep Gen Y informed and ahead of the curve. He shares interviews and advice from successful Millennials as well as previous generations to assist you to achieve your goals. Reach out on Twitter @FreshWisdomLive or Facebook to say hello!

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