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Job Interview? 10 Tips to Know Before You Go

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Job interviews can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. As long as you’re prepared—and by prepared we’re talking about more than just bringing a few copies of your resume—you’re at the very least guaranteed to impress your interviewer, and maybe even land the job.

Read on for the 10 tips you need to know before heading out to your next job interview.

1. Find out as much as possible about the company’s culture. The company website, job postings,,,, and LinkedIn are sources for insider information.

2. Prepare a list of questions regarding the position, department and company. Bring it with you.

3. Be prepared to clearly state how your experience matches each job requirement.

4. Differentiate yourself. Why are you the best candidate for the position?

5. Be prepared to describe how you’ll add value to the team, department and company.

6. Consider conducting a mock interview with a friend or family member.

7. Don’t wear cologne or perfume.

8. Dress conservatively for the interview. Select your clothes the night before. Make sure your clothes and shoes are in impeccable condition. This preparation not only makes an excellent first impression, it also boosts your confidence. Men: Get a trim and be clean-shaven. Women: File your nails. Excessively long and flamboyantly painted fingernails are distracting and unprofessional.

9. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early so you’re not rushed or late due to unexpected traffic delays. This will give you ample time to breathe deeply, calm down and compose yourself.

10. If you need to reschedule your appointment, call as early as possible. Companies appreciate advanced notice of schedule changes and will do their best to provide you the same courtesy.

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How do you prepare for a job interview? Tell us in the comments!


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Only you can see this list

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Jaime Petkanics
Jaime Petkanics

these are all really great tips! The one about being able to clearly state how your experience matches each job requirement is so true - and it goes SUCH a long way.

Definitely get there early. You have so many things to be nervous about, being on time does not need to be one of them!

I was recently asked on an interview what 'I' wanted to do on a daily basis...this threw me off because usually employers don't express an interest in your goals as much as their own. In the future, I will put together a short list of three key daily items I want to do on a day-to-day basis.

Carly Heitlinger
Carly Heitlinger

The arriving early tip is the best– I never get lost... unless I NEED to be somewhere! Feeling rushed (and therefore stressed) is just not a good way to start the interview.

Great article, Lisa. The first two points are worth 80% of the necessary work! Knowing what you're getting into with a new job will tell you whether you really want to be a part of that company's culture.

Great tips Lisa! I also like to have my "thank you" notes ready in advance so you can personalize it and shoot it off right after the interview.

Brenda Storer
Brenda Storer

These are great tips! I agree with arriving early, but I would add to that and suggest not to show up at your interview too early, no earlier than 5-10 minutes beforehand. I always get to the neighborhood about 30 minutes early and then kill time in a nearby coffee shop to compose my thoughts. Also researching the company beforehand on was so valuable. The testimonials on there really gave me confidence because I knew more what the interview experience would be like.

Casey - that is a really tough interview question you received ! But a great one to prepare for. The fact that someone asked you that means they were really able to visualize you succeeding in the role, and wanted to see you role play how that would feel on a daily basis. It's a great thing to be prepared for, even if for your own mindset preparation going into the interview.

Elana Gross
Elana Gross

Do your due diligence! You will probably be asked why you want to work for the company - be specific - saying you've always wanted to live in New York just won't cut it. I read that a candidate once asked Sheryl Sandberg what Sheryl's biggest problem at work was and how the candidate could fix it! I also recommend Kate White's book, Success Secrets, for fantastic tips from landing the job to landing a huge promotion...and continuing to succeed!

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