As I prepared to graduate college, a recruiter reached out to me about an outside sales position. Although I landed the job after my interview, I still felt confused by the process of working with recruiters. A few years later in my career and here, I am today – a recruitment consultant for an RPO firm! Nowadays, it’s second nature to help others navigate through the intricate pathways of recruiting professionals.

At my company, we manage the recruitment process for businesses in a multitude of industries; it is my responsibility to locate suitable candidates and navigate them through the interview phase until they are hired. Unfortunately, many job seekers remain perplexed regarding how this procedure works. For those who desire to maximize their effectiveness when collaborating with me as a recruiter, here are several pieces of advice that could be beneficial:

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

People frequently inquire how I come across potential candidates for the roles that I’m hiring, and my response is always LinkedIn. By going through this networking platform, I can pinpoint profiles of individuals who could be a great match based on their experiences. Henceforth, if you’re in search of your next job opportunity make sure to have an all-inclusive and up-to-date profile on LinkedIn!

Emphasize your special skills, such as foreign language proficiency, software know-how, and industry expertise on your profile so you appear in keyword searches. Check that your privacy settings are set to public view and that you can accept InMail messages – this is often how recruiters reach out. With these simple steps up to date, before a job search begins, you’ll be ready for anything!

Return Phone Calls and Emails

It is understandable that the candidates I reach out to may not be expecting or immediately available for my calls, yet it’s essential that they stay in touch with me. If a person fails to reply to any of my emails and voicemails multiple times, then unfortunately I must assume there isn’t enough interest from them in this particular role. My job is to deliver reliable applicants quickly and efficiently; hence if someone doesn’t respond promptly, sadly their candidacy won’t progress further through the interview process. When applicants reach out to check in about the position, it demonstrates that they are invested and enthusiastic. However, when these inquiries become constant phone calls each day, this may come across as overly desperate instead of motivated; something I would not prefer.

Use the Recruiter as a Resource

Make the most of your recruiter! As a connection between you and potential employers, they can provide helpful information including the responsibilities of the position, company culture, and more. Use this chance to evaluate whether or not it’s worth pursuing further. Additionally, gain insight from them about the interview process steps as well as what sets you apart from hiring managers – don’t be intimidated by asking questions; take advantage of their expertise instead!

Always Be Honest

When recruiters contact you regarding roles that don’t meet your skill set or ambitions, be honest in the dialogue and speak candidly about what type of positions would better suit your qualifications. I always admire when candidates are open with me so I can remember them for potential openings or other jobs my colleagues could have available.

Moreover, my responsibility is to ask candidates difficult questions – including their salary expectations. Be upfront and honest about your current wage or what you’d anticipate being paid in a new role; this saves everyone time. Furthermore, don’t let a recruiter schedule an interview if you know that it’s inconvenient for you or there is no real fascination with the job offer. Canceling at the last moment or not appearing at all are both extremely irritating scenarios that I would like to avoid!

Trust the Recruiter’s Word

The most challenging part of my job is informing people that they were not chosen for a certain position. Nonetheless, when candidates accept the news calmly and graciously I’m more likely to think about them in future openings. Generally speaking, nothing was wrong with their performance; it’s just that someone else suited the client’s needs better at this time. Moreover, sometimes due to privacy reasons or other contractual obligations, we may not be able to provide an explicit explanation as to why you weren’t selected – don’t take any silence on our side personally! Avoid using backdoor tactics to circumvent the recruiter if you receive a rejection. Going above their head and directly reaching out to the company will only make your situation worse and hinder any potential opportunity for future engagement.

As a recruiter, my goal is to create an advantageous outcome for everyone involved; I want to secure the best talent for my clients and assist candidates in finding rewarding positions that align with their aspirations. If you’re currently working with a recruiter, considerate cooperation and professional conduct will help bring about an exceedingly satisfactory result!

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