Do you often find yourself wondering where your paycheck goes each month? You wouldn’t have this problem to the same degree if you lived in a different city. Even though women make up a larger percentage of the workforce than they did in 1976–47% more men were employed then, compared to today’s 14% difference–these employment gains are not evenly distributed across the U.S. The wage gap for women unfortunately still exists today, and is worse in some cities than others. Take into account housing costs and the unemployment rate for women, and your take-home pay can be quite different depending on your location. SmartAsset recently published a list of the best places to work if you’re a woman.

1. Rochester, Minnesota

Women in Rochester are being paid relatively well, and with reasonable housing costs, they end up with around $26,000 after paying for housing.

2. Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Just under 53% of all workers in Pittsfield are female, which is a lot compared to other places.

3. Columbia, Missouri

Columbia also offers many job opportunities for women as the unemployment rate is only 2.2%.

4. Lewiston-Auburn, Maine

The unemployment rate is once again low, with only 3% of women out of a job.

5. Kingston, New York

In Kingston, women are paid relatively well. After paying for housing, the average woman has about $21,400 left. Women in Kingston also earn about 79% of what the typical man earns.

6. Concord, New Hampshire

Approximately half of Concord’s workforce is comprised of women.

7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

One of the best things about Sioux is that it has a very low unemployment rate for women, at only 2%.

8. Helena, Montana

If you’re looking for a good place to live with high pay rates and low housing costs, Helena is a perfect choice! SmartAsset found that the median home in the area only costs about $10,600 per year. Not to mention, the average woman earns over $32,300 annually.

9. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, New York

Although the unemployment rate is higher than other options on this list, women in this city make more money on average. Additionally, the wage gap here is low, with women typically making 78% of what their male counterparts earn.

10. (tie) Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, Maryland

In these 10 cities, women earn an average of nearly $40,000 per year and the cost of living is relatively low at about $16,300 annually. Plus, these locations are ideal for those pursuing careers in STEM fields.

10. (tie) Greenfield, Massachusetts, Topeka, Kansas

wage gap is strong in Greenfield, but there are many job opportunities.

Although the number of women in the workforce is low, Topeka offers a stead income and little unemployment.

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