Can you think of anyone who is successful—not just financially, but personally—by doing something they hate?

Levo League spoke with Erica Diamond, founder, and editor-in-chief of, at yesterday’s Office Hours about how she found her own success strictly by pursuing her passion. During the conversation, Diamond emphasized how crucial it is to really do what you love rather than follow a traditional path.

Here are three tips for success from Diamond:

There’s No Shame in Going Off-Book.

“Passion is a huge element of entrepreneurship,” says Diamond. “Do what makes your heart beat faster.” She has discovered success by making her fantasy her vocation, and she strayed from her plan to do it.

Early on, Diamond figured out what she needed to do to be successful: go to school, get a degree, work for a while, then get an MBA and become an entrepreneur. And she was right on schedule… until she bombed the GMAT.

What some would call a devastating setback, Diamond saw as an opportunity. She took her passion for selling unique promotional items and started her first company. Despite not having an MBA, she was wildly successful.

Getting off the Fence Is a Twofold Process.

Diamond defines being “on the fence” as being “undecided about something; not able to make a decision; stuck; immobile; wavering; wishy-washy; torn; uncommitted; waffling; hemming and hawing, hesitant.”

Sometimes, making a decision means using more than just logic and thinking things through carefully. Sometimes, you have to listen to your gut.

Diamond cites South Park as an example of a show created with unwavering diligence. Matt Stone and Trey Parker had a strategy for the show, but they didn’t care if other people liked it–if they enjoyed it, they were going to make it. Diamond says she feels similarly about her blog posts; if she likes them, she’ll publish them regardless of outside opinion.

“True visionaries do their own thing,” she says.

Find a Career That You’re Passionate About, and Turn It Into Something Amazing.

Success comes from taking your passions and using them to develop your talents.

Martha Stewart didn’t just excel in facets such as cooking, design, and crafts—she had a business mind too. This allowed her to turn what she was good at into an empire.

By creating WomenOnTheFence, Diamond was finally able to get off the fence herself, and she did it in a way that attracted readers who could relate to her. She didn’t spend any money on advertising; instead, the site went viral because it fulfilled a need in the market.

“To walk this earth without passion is to live life as a zombie,” Diamond says.

Join Erica Diamond for her Office Hours session to get inspired and learn more.

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