Recently, in our Office Hours series, we featured Sandra Fluke. She is an attorney and a candidate for the California Senate. Sandra has been an advocate for affordable access to health care and reproductive justice. In addition, she has represented victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Sandra, who is both an advocate and a politician, has had plenty of practice speaking to large crowds. Here are her three best tips for conquering public speaking fear with confidence:

Master the Introduction

Having butterflies before going on stage is normal, but the first few moments of your presentation are key to gaining and keeping your audience’s attention. “You’re setting a tone for the entire speech,” Sandra says. According to her, if you want to get rid of any stage fright, take some time before your presentation starts to think about the first few lines of your talk. If you want to be confident that your next presentation goes well, start by taking the time to plan out the beginning. Sandra suggests adding a note of humor, as long it’s something you’re comfortable with and believes will come across well.

Prepare Smooth Transitions

It’s easy to determine what topics you want to cover and the main points you need to explain when getting ready for a speech. It is essential to understand what topics you want to cover, but it is even more crucial to determine how you will transition between those topics. ”What helps a speech to be smooth is the transitions in between,” Sandra says. Sandra recommended thinking of your speech as an outline, rather than one long piece. This aids in noticing any transitions that might be needed and allows for more comfortable navigation throughout your talking points.

Conclude Strong

Endings are never easy, especially for speeches. Sandra always wraps up by giving the audience something to do to act on her message. With this strategy, you’ll be able to get your message across in a more practical and impactful way. You will inspire your audience to take specific actionable steps if they feel so inclined.

Sandra shared some great tips for excelling at public speaking in her Office Hours clip. Check it out here, and tell us what your best tips and tricks are!

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