For the past 12 years, Jeff Charbonneau has imparted his invaluable knowledge as a chemistry, physics, and engineering teacher. Founder of the ZHS Robot Challenge, Jeff was successful in raising business donations and grants totaling more than $25K. As co-president at the Zillah Education Association too, it’s no surprise that he earned his way to become the 2013 National Teacher of the Year! He is truly an inspiration to all.

During this Levo League Office Hours session, Jeff Charbonneau enlightened attendees with his priceless wisdom from teaching and generously provided invaluable advice on how to succeed in your career in any vocation.

Developing relationships

Jeff discovered the most significant property of successful teaching wasn’t how well he elucidated the material, but rather his commitment to constructing a positive relationship with each of his students. It’s similarly true in any other profession or industry where you consistently interact and collaborate with people; whether they are your superiors or customers, understanding their demands and needs is essential for success. Therefore remember that cultivating an atmosphere of trustworthiness and respect – which comprises every proficient union – is key in order to achieve your goal at work.

“Relationships come first,” Jeff said. “Content comes second.”

Expect more from everyone

Jeff emphasized the importance of pushing and challenging those around you, especially yourself, in order to reach new heights. Do not make excuses or procrastinate when presented with opportunities – seize them while they are still available! It is essential that you motivate yourself to act immediately rather than telling yourself it’s okay to postpone your actions. As Jeff aptly stated, second chances do not come often so don’t let them slip away through apathy or negligence.

Be yourself

Recognize and define what you are capable of accomplishing and the ambitions that drive your life. To excel in career or any field, it is imperative to remain true to your beliefs, morals, and aspirations. Don’t succumb to short-term fulfillment by pretending who you are or what you want as this will only leave a feeling of dissatisfaction later on. The key lies within having pleasure with whatever task is at hand while being yourself — nothing more!

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