Under the quiet cafe lights, my friend and I had taken up residence at a table with our laptops in tow. We both knew that it was going to be one of those late-night study sessions where sleep eludes us until we reached the finish line.

“Whatcha working on tonight?” she asked.

I recently obtained a fantastic virtual internship, where I was tasked to provide weekly content contributions.

“Not much, just some homework and some small work for my fake internship.” I automatically mumbled.

Fast-forwarding to one year later, I find myself in an analogous situation.

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Although I have a few projects in the works for an online business, my friend has requested that we spend some time together.

“Yeah for sure. I just have to finish up some stuff for this fake job type thing I have.”

He looked at me blankly, curiosity evident in his expression as he asked what I meant.

I thought for a second.

That moment of realization struck me. My self-judgment and negative labels like “fake” that I had placed on my projects did not bring anything positive to the table, nor hold any truth whatsoever.

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I was so anxious about giving off an impression of pride, showing off, and being overconfident when talking about my life experiences that I cheapened them in a vain attempt to steer away from the idea of me seeming conceited.

As I began to pay close attention, not only to the words that left my mouth but also those of the women around me, I noticed a crucial detail.

I was astounded. It shocked me to witness such highly accomplished women downplaying their success and masquerading their accomplishments as if it were a crime.

This was not merely a false sense of humility, but an outright assault on my self-worth.

It was a common occurrence. I observed it in my roommate who, despite her achievements as one of the top students in our graduating class, kept her award concealed.

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As I watched my coworker, she seemed uncomfortable talking about her recent job offer at a top-tier financial firm. She spoke hesitantly and almost as if it were something to be ashamed of.

Even my mother, who rarely boasted about her strenuous journey as a social worker across multiple promotions over the years, was not exempt from this observation.

Why were we all hesitant to proudly proclaim our accomplishments?

Countless researchers nationwide, such as those at Montana State University, have closely studied this phenomenon and discovered that women are often hesitant to take credit for their successes due to the strong emphasis on female modesty in our society. As a result of these conventional standards, boasting or self-promotion is discouraged among women.

Letting go of this fear will help us to reap the rewards we deserve from our accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Hiding away and not celebrating successes out of apprehension brings neither favor nor success – it’s time to embrace the confidence that comes with being proud!

Let’s uplift and praise women for all their accomplishments rather than viewing them with disdain. Generosity should replace any feelings of envy or resentment for the successes of other females, as we recognize these endeavors as our collective journey.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your accomplishments and efforts!

Refraining from exhibiting your sense of pride and success is not only unfair to you but also damaging to your self-worth. Don’t neglect the hard work that has been put into achieving your goals! Allow yourself a little recognition for all the effort you have devoted; it will do wonders for boosting your confidence.

Stand tall and be proud of who you are!

No matter how difficult the journey may have been, never allow yourself to underestimate your accomplishments. Give all credit where it’s due and rejoice in your success!

Let the world know what you have accomplished because let us be honest – you earned it! It’s time to celebrate your success.

Let’s make this a triumph for all women, everywhere!

This article was originally published in The Lala.

Photo: Unsplash

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