As women, we are often apprehensive when it comes to asking for what we want and need. Yet, seeing successful examples of others who don’t shy away from demanding the impossible can be a huge source of inspiration and motivation. What better way to observe such heroic behavior than through our beloved characters on screen? They never fail to move us with their courage as they strive towards justice in all its forms!

Asking for what we want can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it should stop us from pursuing more. To help you succeed in your negotiations, here are eight powerful clips of strong women speaking up and #asking4more in their professional lives—whether it’s a salary increase or greater responsibility. Let these videos inspire you to take charge and make a difference!

1. Olivia Pope, Scandal

Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, it’s clear that Olivia Pope is extraordinary. In this remarkable scene, she effortlessly demonstrates her power and control over the Presidential candidate.

2. Jerry McGuire, Jerry McGuire

You could attempt to persuade your boss (or representative for the situation) to cry out, “Show me the money.” However, this could only work for Jerry. Regardless, it is incredibly motivating and inspiring!

3. Erin Brockovich, Erin Brocovich

If you feel like your worth is going unrecognized, take a page out of Julia Roberts’ book. She can teach you how to be assertive and demand the respect that’s due to you.

4. Peggy, Mad Men

Follow Peggy’s lead and keep your request simple. Chances are, no one would want to sit next to a copier all day! With this in mind, there’s little chance that your boss will reject the proposal.

5. Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Just by remaining stoic and silent, Jack’s nanny managed to get him to double her wages for working half the amount of time. Now that’s a talent!

6. Peggy and Joan, Mad Men

Peggy and Joan are the epitomai of a strong duo, and it’s all because they work together and help each other out. Like Joan says, “Make ’em sing.”

7. Liz and Jack, 30 Rock

Realizing it was time to acquire an even playing field, Liz took action. Now Jack is engaging in a battle of wits with himself.

8. Jess, New Girl

Ideally, the creators of New Girl made sure to incorporate a powerful message about female empowerment in one of their recent episodes. We’ll never be able to unlock our potential unless we dare to make requests and follow through with action!

See the clip here.

To learn more about Equal Pay Day and Levo’s month-long #ask4more campaign, click here.

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