Being a visual artist in 2015 means having to change and adapt to the times. The illustration process has changed over the years (This is the age of computers, where paintbrushes are being swapped for computer mice and portfolios are taken to Instagram), Ultimately, the artist’s goal remains mostly unchanged: I wish to make something lovely for others to take pleasure in. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask, Meagan Morrison, Gissi Jimenez, and Erisha Rubingh—These three fashion illustrators are examples of how creative and dedicated Millennials can be. By producing beautiful art, they are making an impact on the fashion industry as a whole. Learn more about their stories here, and don’t forget to connect with them!

1. Gissi Jimenez, @gissij

Gissi Jimenez is an architect by day and a fashion illustrator by night. When she’s not coordinating building projects in Miami, she enjoys writing about fashion, art, and lifestyle on her blog: The Architect of Style. (Did you know that checking out her DIY page could lead to some great, easily doable ideas?) She not only illustrates for her website but has also done some live drawings for big names such as Bloomingdale’s and CoverGirl. Talk about a fantastic side hustle!

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2. Meagan Morrison, @travelwritedraw

Meagan Morrison is a New York-based illustrator who has the job of her dreams – she gets to travel the world and paint beautiful clothing. You may have spotted her work in magazines such as Vanity Fair and on the websites of designer clients including Ann Taylor—or, most recently, on Karlie Kloss’ Instagram. #fangirling

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3. Erisha Rubingh, @athingcreated

Two years ago, Seattle-based artist Erisha Rubingh was working as a freelance illustrator when she decided to branch out on her own. A Thing Created is her fashion illustration brand that started as a blog, but has since turned into much more. In addition to being a popular blog, it now consists of a full product line and has resulted in partnerships with other well-known blogs like The College Prepster. If you would like Erisha’s work in your life as soon as possible, check out her Etsy shop where you can buy it on mugs, phone cases, and throw pillows.

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Photo: @travelwritedraw / Instagram

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