Although liberal arts students are often marginalized, they can still be just as successful in their career path as those who study mathematics and sciences.

We consulted Business Insider readers to find out which colleges prepare their students best for post-grad success and pulled the top prettiest liberal arts colleges school from that list.

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We then compared those results with each school’s average SAT score from the college-data website College Board and the median starting salary from the employer-information website PayScale to create our final ranking.

Keep reading to see the largest liberal arts colleges that are a great case for liberal arts education.

24. Lafayette College

Average SAT score: 1935

Median starting salary: $57,000

Post-graduation, Lafayette students immediately begin to make their mark in the world: Within six months, 95 percent of grads are employed or enrolled in graduate school. Students get real-world experience prior to graduation as well: 78 percent complete internships by senior year.

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23. Carleton College

Average SAT score: 2115

Median starting salary: $43,700

Carleton’s primary mission is to equip students with a full liberal-arts education so that they are able to learn and grow throughout their lives. To achieve this, the school in Northfield, Minnesota provides courses through 37 departments covering topics such as linguistics, sociology and economics. Carleton has also been named the No. 8 best liberal-arts college in America by US News.

22. Haverford College

Average SAT score: 2115

Median starting salary: $38,600

Since there are less than two thousand students enrolled at Haverford, every student is able to get a personalized college experience. The students located in Pennsylvania don’t have to declare their majors until the end of sophomore year and they’re required to take classes from three different academic divisions. This provides each student with a diverse and well-rounded education.

21. Colby College

Average SAT score: 2000

Median starting salary: $47,800

Colby College, located in Waterville, Maine strives to set its students up “for postgraduate success in nearly every field imaginable.” A grandiose goal perhaps, but one that they achieve regularly: on graduation day, 71 percent of Colby seniors form the class of 2014 had either received employment offers or been accepted into graduate school. Not only were graduates landing coveted spots at name-brand companies – such as Bain & Co., Oracle and JP Morgan -but receiving job offers from them as well.

20. College of the Holy Cross

Average SAT score: 1965

Median starting salary: $48,500

The College of the Holy Cross not only prepares students to join the workforce after graduation, but also equips them to continue their education. In fact, graduates from the Worcester, Massachusetts-based school have a 91 percent acceptance rate into both medical and law schools. The most popular majors at Holy Cross include economics, political science, English, and psychology.

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19. Bates College

Average SAT score: 2040

Median starting salary: $44,700

Bates students are making waves after graduation, with 14 undergraduates and 19 total students earning Fulbright fellowships this year. The school has been named a “Fulbright Top Producer” as a result. Six months after graduating, 74 percent of the class of 2014 from Lewiston, Maine were employed full-time at top companies including Google, Accenture, and Chevron.

18. Vassar College

Average SAT score: 2110

Median starting salary: Unavailable

Vassar began as a women’s college but now provides both sexes with an excellent liberal-arts education. In fact, US News ranks it the 11th best such school in the nation.

More than 500 students from the Poughkeepsie-based school participate in a semester of field work, where they are placed with community organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, human services organizations, and businesses.

17. Wellesley College

Average SAT score: 2095

Median starting salary: $45,900

This women’s college in Wellesley, Massachusetts has been ranked as one of the best liberal-arts school not only in the country but worldwide. Many notable alumni have graduated from this institution including former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Madeleine Albright who served as the United States Secretary of State.

16. Wesleyan University

Average SAT score: 2090

Median starting salary: $44,400

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut gives students a wide variety of options with over 1,000 unique classes available. Class size is also intimate with an average of only 20 students per class. In addition to the many opportunities on campus, Wesleyan also offers internships and study abroad programs.

15. Davidson College

Average SAT score: 2000

Median starting salary: $47,200

Six months after they graduated, 89.1% of Davidson’s class of 2014 were employed full-time, interning, volunteering, serving in the military, or enrolled in graduate school. And not only that: students from the North Carolina-based school who joined the workforce landed jobs at elite companies such as Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo. Finally, Davidson grads got into some of the best graduate programs out there—including Johns Hopkins University and Baylor College Of Medicine.

14. Hamilton College

Average SAT score: 2085

Median starting salary: $57,600

The class of 2018 at the small Clinton, New York liberal-arts college was exceptionally talented—75 percent were in the top 10% of their graduating classes and 94 percent were in the top 20%. Furthermore, Hamilton graduates have a great track record when it comes to prestigious awards; 92 Fulbright Scholarships and 18 Goldwater Scholarships have been awarded to students in the last 15 years.

13. Pomona College

Average SAT score: 2195

Median starting salary: $46,700

Pomona College is ranked as the No. 1 school in the country by Forbes and No. 5 among liberal-arts colleges by U.S News & World Report. The college offers small class sizes, 47 areas of study and ample opportunities to participate in faculty-led research programmes. As a part of California’s Claremont Colleges consortium, Pomona students also have access to courses at any of its fellow Claremont schools, including Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna.

12. Claremont McKenna College

Average SAT score: 2155

Median starting salary: $50,100

Claremont McKenna is one of eight schools that make up the Claremont Colleges consortium. The colleges share resources like athletics, academics, health services, and dining. CMC focuses their curriculum heavily on humanities to provide students with an education that will prepare them for the workforce.

11. Washington and Lee University

Average SAT score: 2075

Median starting salary: $50,700

Washington and Lee offers students 37 majors, 29 minors, and multiple interdisciplinary programs to choose from. The school’s two 12-week academic periods followed by a four-week period at the end of spring provides students with an opportunity for focused studying as well as time to study abroad if they so choose.

10. Bucknell University

Average SAT score: 1960

Median starting salary: $56,800

97% of Bucknell students are employed, in graduate school, volunteering, or some combination thereof within nine months of graduation.

Not only does Bucknell boast a high median starting salary for its graduates, but according to PayScale’s survey of liberal arts colleges, the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania-based school also ranks No. 5 in alumni median lifetime earnings.

9. Swarthmore College

Average SAT score: 2175

Median starting salary: $51,000

Undergrads at Swarthmore, a small liberal-arts school in Pennsylvania, have more than 600 courses to choose from as well as the opportunity to participate in a selective honors program. Modeled after Oxford University’s tutorial system, Swarthmore’s honors program is unique compared to others offered in the United States.

8. Colgate University

Average SAT score: 2063

Median starting salary: $54,000

Colgate, located in Hamilton, New York, has an excellent record of sending graduates to Ivy League schools for furthering their education (Columbia, NYU, Harvard) as well as top employment opportunities.

“For work in finance, and especially on Wall Street, Colgate has a solid reputation for sending very successful and well-prepared graduates,” one Colgate alum who took our survey noted. “My classmate recently retired as the CEO of the NYSE. We have an extensive network of graduates in the industry.”

7. Middlebury College

Average SAT score: 2065

Median starting salary: $51,900

Although Middlebury is located in rural Vermont, it remains very connected to the world; as a matter of fact, the school specializes in language instruction and international studies. In total, there are 10 foreign-language tracks available for students.

Writing regularly in all classes develops students’ skills in critical thinking and self-expression.

6. Bowdoin College

Average SAT score: 2170

Median starting salary: Unavailable

Bowdoin College offers a liberal-arts education that is directed towards the common good. More than half of students at this Brunswick, Maine-based school choose to study abroad in one of 46 countries. Additionally, many others participate in international volunteer or research opportunities through Bowdoin.

5. Williams College

Average SAT score: 2190

Median starting salary: $50,200

Williams, often hailed as one of the best liberal-arts colleges in America and this year’s second overall college by Forbes), prioritizes more than just a four-year program. Nestled in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Williams believes that its education should prepare students for “the ‘real world’ and instill lifelong connections with each other and with Williams,” as stated on their website.

4. United States Military Academy

Average SAT score: 1880

Median starting salary: $75,100

Being accepted into the Military Academy at West Point, located in upstate New York, is no easy task: The school only accepts about 9% of applicants. For those who are lucky enough to get in, each major—which can be anything from American politics to nuclear engineering—is designed specifically to train “officer-leaders of character to serve the Army and the Nation.”

3. United States Naval Academy

Average SAT score: 1913

Median starting salary: $80,700

The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland takes a holistic approach to preparing students for careers in the Navy. The curriculum focuses on military education, professional training, character development, and physical fitness. The school has produced 52 astronauts, 48 Rhodes Scholars, and one President of the United States (Jimmy Carter).

2. Amherst College

Average SAT score: 2170

Median starting salary: Unavailable

The Five College Consortium is a community of colleges made up of Amherst, Smith, UMass at Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire. As part of this consortium, students at Amherst have the opportunity to take classes at any of the schools in the network. This gives students greater access to different types of classes and learning styles as well as the ability to meet and network with different kinds of students.

1. Harvey Mudd College

Average SAT score: 2215

Median starting salary: $75,600

Harvey Mudd, located in Claremont, California, is best known for its engineering and computer science programs but makes sure to provide a well-rounded education by fulfilling core curriculum requirements that incorporate humanities and social sciences. The school is also a member of the Claremont Colleges consortium.

This article was originally published on Business Insider.

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