As a Millennial, you’ve been juggling heaps of tasks since college and now in the working world. Between your 9-5 job, side hustles, and other responsibilities it can be hard to find time for yourself. But how much thought have you put into crafting and refining your personal brand? With all that multi-tasking going on in your life it’s imperative that you take some time out to cultivate an image that reflects who YOU are!

Although it takes time and effort, developing a solid personal brand is paramount to your future success. It gives you something to strive for – an enduring purpose that will be in the world forever! For those of you who are feeling overwhelmed by this task on top of everything else, here are four easy suggestions to keep building your influence while maintaining and nourishing your personal brand all year long.

1. Start your day informed with breaking news each morning.

During your daily commute to work, take this opportunity to learn more about the news and trends in your field. Download a few essential apps and podcasts like NYT Now, NPR, or The Dinner Party Download – all favorite choices of Levo! This practice will not only keep you abreast with the latest happenings but will also demonstrate that you are competent and trustworthy; leading to higher chances for success in both business opportunities as well as personal relationships.

2. Each month, set up at least four meetings with various individuals.

Information can be accessed from a wide array of sources, yet one feature many leaders share is always mingling with other successful people or “information brokers.” We all know the significance of developing relations and networking for our success, but numerous individuals come up short of frequently making an effort outside their comfort zone in order to meet new contacts that will fortify our connections and propel us forward within our niche. When you associate yourself with other thought leaders, it can help build your influence and make you a beneficial connection to anyone. Introductory meetings that are centered around food are often more relaxed in atmosphere, which makes them ideal for forming relationships on an expert level with people who you don’t know yet but would like to get acquainted with.

3. Showcase your talents and proficiency!

Showcasing your work and expertise is paramount to building influence in your network and establishing a strong presence on social media. Plus, it’s always great for breaking the ice when you meet someone new! If you don’t have an online portfolio or personal website yet, start with LinkedIn – ask everyone from friends to coworkers (and even that guy on the subway) to endorse your skills. Finally, launching that awesome project of yours or crafting a blog post about the fantastic brunch spot you visited? That’s how it begins – so take this chance now to get recognized!

From Twitter to Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope, there is a multitude of social media channels available for you to elevate your influence and spread the word about what you do. Make it an aim to update your online profile at least once each week with professional material alongside some fun posts too! To be influential entails more than simply having knowledge; action needs to be taken in order for that expertise to make an impact.

4. Take the time to contemplate your purpose.

Authenticity and grit are two essential components of a successful personal brand. If you want to craft your own unique identity, it will take dedication and perseverance to develop these traits – but the effort is worth every second when you eventually reap the rewards! Grit comes from within; without an inner drive or ambition, motivation fades away fast. Maybe right now things don’t seem exactly as they should be – but in just 6 months’ time? Who knows what could happen if passion fuels your journey? Don’t let yourself become disheartened; as long as you’re being true to your story and letting your individuality shine, you’ll discover what sets you apart. It may seem a bit juvenile – something reminiscent of elementary school when Aaron Carter was the object of everyone’s affection – but consider keeping a journal: document what makes you passionate, and explore interests that could lead to an impactful career path. Dedicate some time each day for introspection – think about struggles faced and victories achieved throughout the day. With each passing day, you will gain more clarity on where you are heading and what your purpose is. Eventually, everything will effortlessly fall into place as if it was meant to be all along.

Crafting a personal brand that you’re passionate about and others admire is a calculated mission that takes effort. However, if you cultivate these four habits, establishing your brand will become an instinctive process that can result in tremendous rewards for both your life and career.

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