The second people meet, they are analyzing one another for tell-tale signs of characteristics such as honesty, intellect, and generosity. It’s the details that count; from how firmly you shake hands to how frequently you resort to your cell phone – whether it be a romantic encounter or a job interview.

After perusing the Quora thread entitled “What are the really small things that tell a lot about a person’s psychology and personality?” we compiled some of the most frequent cues others use to assess your character.

1. Your Handshake

Numerous Quora users confessed that they form opinions of people purely based on their handshake.

“Strong handshakes usually reflect a strong and confident character, whereas weak handshakes usually indicate a lack of confidence and are almost always a characteristic of people who would look for an easy way to do things,” writes Julian Parge.

Studies show that a firm handshake can be indicative of your personality. For instance, research has uncovered the correlation between having an assertive grip and being extroverted with heightened emotionality as well as decreased shyness or neuroticism.

2. Whether You Show Up on Time

Falling behind schedule can leave the person you’re meeting with a poor opinion of your personality. Don’t let tardiness ruin an essential date!

“A proactive person will be there on time because he is self-motivated, mentally organized, and values time whereas a procrastinator will be running here and there at the last hour,” says Humaira Siddiqui.

Through scientific research, it has been revealed that individuals who are frequently late are not necessarily impolite – but rather constitute a more relaxed group of people belonging to the “Type B” personality type.

3. How You Treat Restaurant Staff

Several users remarked that they closely observe other people’s interactions with waiters, indicating the importance of such behavior.

“I will never, EVER date a man who is rude to restaurant staff,” says Sati Marie Frost.

Even leading executives express that you can learn a lot regarding someone’s character by observing how they treat waiters, maids in hotels, and security guards. Ron Shaich, CEO of Panera Bread stated he once declined to hire somebody because she was polite to him but rude with the person tidying up the tables close by. This example clearly indicates that one should always be courteous when interacting with all people regardless of their role or title – it could make all the difference!

4. Where You Look When You Drink Out of a Cup

Writes David Junto: “A person that looks into the cup when drinking tends to be more introspective, self-aware, idealistic and focused. A person who looks over the rim of the cup when drinking tends to be more influenced by others, more environmentally aware, carefree, extroverted and trusting. A person who closes their eyes when they drink is in some sort of pain or discomfort and is preoccupied with pleasure and relief.”

Your choice of drink also has a significant meaning.

5. Whether You Bite Your Nails

Sushrut Munje is of the opinion that manicure enthusiasts with bitten nails are emblematic of a person who “eats away at himself.” 

However, research supports a different conclusion – those individuals unable to resist gnawing on their nail beds and plucking out strands of hair or picking their skin have difficulty releasing tension due to perfectionist personality traits.

6. Your Handwriting

From lists to love notes, your handwriting can speak volumes about who you are.

Ramesh Nagaraj believes that “people who put a lot of pressure on pen and paper to write something are usually stubborn in attitude. They have a lot of confidence.”

In contrast, Kathi McKnight argues that if your letters are generally large, you may be more open and social in nature. On the other hand, smaller lettering could indicate a tendency to be introverted. Additionally, a script that slants slightly rightward can point toward an affable and emotional personality; handwriting without any tilt likely implies a pragmatic demeanor; meanwhile left-leaning pen strokes typically signify deep introspection.

7. How Often do You Check Your Phone

An anonymous Quora user writes about noticing “where and when [people] pull their phones out (waiting in a short line, talking to their parents, being out with friends, when they’re alone in public).”

Constantly refreshing your email or scrolling through Facebook may suggest that you are not emotionally secure and seeking ways to improve your mood. The research was conducted on this matter, which supports the conclusion.

8. Whether You Make Eye Contact

Munje says a limp handshake and a lack of steady eye contact “shows lack of self-control, required drive to follow through, and a weak will.”

According to psychologist Adrian Furnham, Ph.D., people who are extroverted have a tendency of gazing at their conversation partners for a longer time period than introverts do. Generally speaking, individuals with greater eye contact appear more confident and socially dominant.

As written by Shana Lebowitz in Business Insider, this is an interesting insight into the social dynamics between different personality types.

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