With modern technology, knowledge workers can now work from any corner of the world. FuzeBox, Skype, and GoToMeeting provide innovative ways to connect with collaborators in real time or virtually. Simultaneously, Google Docs enables us to progress on projects at all hours without being physically present. The effective use of such tools revolutionizes how to manage remote workers and accomplish tasks remotely!

The challenge then becomes not whether we possess the correct technology to simplify remote communication—it is how to successfully oversee employees.

Ready to take on your virtual team? With the help of these seven management suggestions, you’ll be able to lead with ease and increase productivity.

Establish clear roles and responsibilities

When staff isn’t physically present in the office, it becomes paramount to ensure everyone is acutely aware of their role and responsibilities that are linked with a unified vision for the company. A productive beginning is allowing the employee to formulate a roster of her day-to-day mission statement; this will ensure she comprehends her role in the company. Although this might seem like a job that can be easily done, it’s often overlooked and assumed to already be understood.

Create aligned goals

Establishing clear goals is the foundation of any successful strategy. To ensure that all goals are achieved in a timely and efficient manner, project management software like Basecamp can help you keep everyone on the same page. When working remotely, it is important to find software that enables your employees to comment and have meaningful conversations online so they never miss any updates or changes. Additionally, this will help them stay organized with their tasks from anywhere at any time!

Insist on clear communication

When workdays become hectic, it can be easy for communication to get lost in the shuffle — particularly when managing remote workers. Establishing a recurring moment of connection ensures that clear correspondence won’t slip through the cracks and keeps those who are off-site informed about what’s happening at home base.

Focus on collaboration

Tips for managing remote workers: Collaboration is the heart of innovation in any organization, yet virtual employees are often deprived of informal conversations while grabbing coffee or standing around the water cooler. To improve collaboration and strengthen relationships, encourage your employees to take thirty minutes out of their day for a chat with one of their colleagues. Without a well-defined plan, this can often result in light conversations, however, it can also be the source of revolutionary ideas. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about being forgotten with regular check-ins.

Reconceive the physical workspace

If you have virtual personnel in a particular region, establishing co-working spaces or urban hubs can be beneficial for building cultural unity and generating ideas as well as fostering fellowship. Investing in a flexible, collaborative, and open workspace for your company can be mutually beneficial for you and your employees. If budget is an issue, why not explore companies such as Coco? These providers of communal workspaces are continuing to expand!

Reconstruct workflows

Intuitive technologies such as Infosys, which leverages the power of social networks to link remote workers from far and wide, are essential for those who require on-demand access to specialized knowledge and information. Such systems must be accessible yet secure for highly skilled personnel operating remotely to best perform their tasks.

Recognize individuality

When you customize tasks and roles to align with each employee’s unique work style, you can effectively inspire and engage a variety of personalities. In this modern climate of corporate regulation, our recruitment methods should have the capacity to accommodate individualized desires and requirements. Flexible shifts, relocation assistance, travel opportunities, as well as commission-based incentives are only a few factors that elevate our value proposition.

Although we can’t impede the transformation of the workplace, by adhering to these managerial tips, you can stay connected with your remote workforce and gain more visibility into aspects of their daily work life that are beyond your control.

What strategies do you use to successfully manage your virtual team? Does the organization that employs you make it easy for you to contribute through a remote environment?

Mona Berberich is a revered Digital Marketing Manager at Better Weekdays, an esteemed Chicago-based enterprise that designs and implements robust platforms to help HR executives source, screen, and nurture talent depending on job affinity. Mona’s expertise lies in researching and authoring articles related to Human Resources, career progressions, recruitment methods, and leadership development.

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