Lauren Conrad, the well-known entrepreneur, turned 29 this weekend. It feels as though we’ve seen her grow up before our eyes. We watched her on Laguna Beach, and The Hills, and now we get to see all the work she’s doing with and The Little Market. (Or was it just me who religiously watched the reruns of The Hills every morning this summer?)

Lauren Conrad has exhibited excellent character growth over the years, transforming from a dramatic teenager to a level-headed young professional. From a reality TV star to running a successful empire, she’s accomplished many things with her writing, fashion lines, crafting, and advice columns for well-known magazines and websites (such as Furthermore, she has gained support from major companies like Old Navy, AT&T, and Avon’s Mark cosmetics through sponsorship.

Although Lauren has made a few television appearances, she’s stayed away from making it her go-to career move. Lauren had to work extra hard to prove herself more than just a celebrity. She told Lucky Magazine last year:

The TV show I was on didn’t do much for my reputation. It made it difficult to be taken seriously, but going to school for fashion and working in the industry beforehand helped me out. In a way, it’s good to feel like you have something to prove; it’ll make you work harder in the long run.

Lauren’s dedication has led her to where she is today – a designer, author, and entrepreneur who is highly respected. Some have even said she’s the Martha Stewart of marketing because of her skill sets creativity and personality. In a recent interview with Stylecaster, she said that she feels fortunate in her career and that she doesn’t have a master plan. She explained that she prefers to take things week by week and never expects to be able to do the next thing. Right now, I feel grateful that I get to do a lot of things that make me happy. It’s crucial to my well-being that I enjoy every task I take on, so I’m fortunate that I can say truthfully that I love my work.

We most admire Lauren Conrad for these 7 reasons:

  1. Conrad isn’t someone who just dabbles in writing–she has eight published books!
  2. Lauren had to work for a long time as an intern, though not many other interns had camera crews following them. “Having a few internships under your belt before making any major career decisions is crucial. I cannot stress that enough,” she has said.
  3. Conrad’s style has always been affordable and accessible, so instead of going with a high-end boutique, she went to Kohl’s.
  4. Many of Lauren’s castmates are trying to get back on TV, but she is not. She used TV as a way to leverage her career, not define it. “I hoped I didn’t [have to stay on TV],” she told Marie Claire. “Everybody told me to stay on TV. Nobody wanted me to leave.”
  5. Conrad has an impressive social media presence with three million Twitter followers, three million Instagram fans, and 907,990 Pinterest followers.
  6. The Little Market is a company Lauren and her friend Hannah Skvarla opened last year. It’s full of wonderful goods and designs by female artisans from all over the world.
  7. She is dedicated to assisting women, whether it’s through answering questions on her website or writing articles for Forbes about being a female entrepreneur.

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