Your business card is a fantastic tool to help you look professional. Being able to hand out your business card confidently, knowing that it looks great, is not only a boost in confidence but also takes your networking abilities to the next level.

If you want to ensure the person you gave your business card to remembers you, follow the steps below.

Have a Signature Color

A well-designed business card can make a memorable impression and help you to build your personal brand. The right use of color can take a simple, standard business card and upgrade it both in design and its ability to stand out from the crowd.

Color can improve memory performance due to an added “memory tag,” as found by psychologists. If you have a perfect color combination, it will help your business card stand out among the rest when received and remembered later.

Organize, But Not in a Boring Way

The mundane, straightforward list is all too familiar, and it looks like it belongs in a boardroom rather than promoting your business. With companies such as Vista Print and Moo cards, you can take the essential design and personalize it to include your key information without sacrificing style or professionalism. Why stuff your entire address in there in tiny font when you could fit your Twitter handle and website URL prominently?

Jaime Petkanics from The Prepary believes that the design and organization of your card speaks volumes and are more important than just having an eye-catching card. “A well-designed card with key information clearly laid out is much more important than something really creative or flashy, in my opinion. I love a super fancy business card as much as the next person. But in reality, the content of your conversation while networking will make you stand out more than any business card can!”

Have a Catchphrase or Quote that Matches You

My business card contains multiple versions of the back, and one reads “Do What You Love.” This phrase encompasses what I blog about at; it’s something that many people can identify with professionally and personally. Adding slogans or quotes to your business card is an excellent way to make it more personable without simply including your logo on the back. With some creative design, you could have different designs or phrases alternating on each side of your business card- like your favorite sayings or even just your logo.

By adding a catchphrase to your personal beliefs on your card, you’re making it more personable and helping the reader connect with you on a deeper level. Perhaps the person you give it to enjoys that same quote, philosopher, or idea – which would create an instant connection between the two of you.

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