Though business cards are an inexpensive way of getting your information to a potential customer, they often get lost in desk piles, junk drawers, or worse—the trash. If you want your card to be kept and used by the recipient, make it into a resource with the following tips.

Multipurpose it: By creating business cards that can double as something useful, such as a bookmark or scorekeeper, you increase the chances that people will keep your card instead of throwing it away.

Make it helpful: Charts that explain mortgage costs at different interest rates will make your business card more useful and likely to be kept instead of discarded. As a result, you’ll have increased chances of being remembered when somebody needs your services. For example, a cooking store could include measurement conversions or an editor could list corrections for the most common writing errors. I have a list of common work-at-home scams to avoid printed on one side of my card. Other options include including a calendar or important local numbers.

Give it value: Everyone loves finding a great deal. Make your business card into a coupon or rewards card, so your customers can enjoy discounts or free offers. You could also take it one step further and give away several cards at once. That way, your prospects, and clients can hand them out to people they know – making referrals easy for everyone involved.

Add a QR code: The value of a QR code is questionable, but if you primarily live in a digital world, it’s easier to hold onto business information that’s easy to access online. Include When including either of these codes on your card, potential and current customers can scan or text the code for more information about your business–which makes it more likely they’ll remember and use your services again in the future.

Once you have a business card that looks appealing and is easy to hold onto, don’t be afraid to give them out! A lot of business owners are hesitant when it comes to giving away their cards. However, they are designed for exactly that purpose – sharing! So pass them out whenever you meet someone new for business or personal reasons. They can also come in handy as notepads when jotting down information or ledge markers when leaving directions somewhere. Plus, another great way to get used out of your cards is by leaving them in public places like on community bulletin boards.

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