Alicia Keys, Khloe Kardashian, and even Kelly Rowland can’t get this catchy new Drake song out of their heads. “Started From the Bottom” is a hit with young fans and celebrities for its relatable lyrics about growing up from humble beginnings. The tune takes us through examples of the broken or “bottom” stage in Drake’s life, such as when he had to borrow his uncle’s car and was scolded to “bring it right back.” Who can’t relate to that? Finally, Drake brings us to the climax as he describes how he’s making millions and performing at sold-out shows.

Reflecting on Drake’s lyrics, we can all understand what it feels like to be at the lowest point and dependent on someone else. What’s more difficult is recognizing when we’ve reached the top. How do we identify when we’re “here,” as Drake says? How do determine if we’ve “made it?”

Every individual has different standards for what success looks like, based on their dreams and where they started. I began thinking about this after listening to a song, which made me think of Catherine Cook’s entrepreneurial journey and Oprah’s younger self. This got me wondering what my own standards are for knowing when I’ve “made it.” Here are the top three moments that would signify success for me:

1. When the majority of my target audience considers my company for their purchases

I’ll only feel like I’ve made it when people know my name, but what I really want is to become a household name. In order to achieve that goal, I need to take my brand from unknown to recognized to trusted, and finally, get sales. That last part will probably have been done multiple times before anyone takes me seriously enough for mass purchase consideration. But just the idea of going through all those steps makes me believe that maybe then, at long last, I can say with certainty: “I made it!”

2. When I’m a social media celebrity

One day, I would love to be able to open up the unique golden gates for certain social media platforms. This would mean that I have made it:

  • My Twitter Page Gets Verified: It would be amazing if the Twitter Gods verified that I am the real @keishadepaz. It would mean that people think I’m somebody worth faking!
  • My Grainy YouTube Video Hits One Million Views: I thought YouTube was supposed to send me a big check in the mail when my marketing video got one million views. Thank you, YouTube, I’m now viral.
  • I Have an Instagram Fan Page: If I have a fan page that’s solely dedicated to me, then that means twice the platforms where people can see and hear from me. That sounds great!

Although I’m quite shy, social media stardom is virtually impossible for me since I have zero personal Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos. Instead, I run social media from my company’s profile and recycle one semi-capable-looking business photo of myself. However, we’re all entitled to dream about improbable odds even if they’ll never happen, right? (But you should follow me anyway.)

3. When I can tell my mother she can retire

This is the dream. The movies make it look easy, but if my passion for Punch Street ever gets to the point where I can go upstairs and tell my mom she doesn’t have to work anymore, then I will have made it big time. No questions asked.

Now that you know some of my favorites “I Made It” moments, let’s sing along to the song together.

How do you know when you’ve “made it” in terms of your career or business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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