Being an introvert in a world filled with extroverts can be intimidating, to say the least! Whenever I find myself at networking events or media parties and start feeling overwhelmed, my self-confidence takes a hit. Approaching strangers? Forget about it – that anxiety is too much for me to bear. Even though I’m often cowering away from conversations happening around me, all while trying (unsuccessfully) not to look lame or socially awkward, deep down inside there’s still part of me hoping someone will come up and talk to ME instead. Oh how amazing that would feel; but until then…I’ll just keep berating myself for being so boring.

Thankfully, my writing skills compensate for what I lack in face-to-face communication. Rather than engaging in small talk, I tweet and blog to share my expertise. My portfolio is a great form of marketing as it speaks volumes about me without having to say anything; plus, emailing has also become one of my strong suits!

Through the power of writing, I’ve been able to establish a business wherein work is directly seeking me out. Where can you let your words speak for themselves?

  1. Your website copy. Your website works as a virtual storefront, and it’s your guests’ first impression of you and what you can do. Therefore, keep in mind to include not only portfolio items or services available but also add client listings, decent reviews from customers, information about yourself and the company history along with a mission statement for everyone who visits your page. Once writing out web copy make sure that readers will understand why they came to seek help from you among many other options available. Show them that you are knowledgeable in regard to their needs! Your readers need assurance that they’ve landed in the right spot, so keep them engaged by sharing the advantages of your services instead of product features. Demonstrate how their lives can improve with you at their side and showcase why you’re credible yet mindful to focus more on them than yourself. Above all else, though, tell a great story that speaks to each reader’s heart – this will derive positive responses from everyone!
  2. Your blog or newsletter. Do you want to give your customers a reason to keep returning? Then, ask yourself: what more can I do in order to provide maximum value for my clients? Regular blog updates or monthly newsletters could prove beneficial as they’ll not only offer readers additional knowledge but also establish you as an expert. makes it easy and inexpensive for anyone who wants to create a successful website, while MailChimp or AWeber are two of the most popular email marketing services utilized by modern entrepreneurs. Generously provide valuable content in your blog posts and newsletters, but don’t forget to add a call to action. After all, most folks won’t purchase anything unless you ask them to; it’s only natural. So be sure to include that prompt every now and then!
  3. Your social media activity. Social media can be overwhelming, so don’t stress if you’re unable to manage all of the popular networking sites. Instead, research where your intended audience is hanging out – whether it’s on a big platform like Facebook or LinkedIn or within an industry-specific online forum. Once you’ve set up your account? Get ready for some serious engagement! In the name of all that is holy, don’t blast your blog updates or constant requests to buy your newest product to everyone! Instead, become an active participant in the community. Not only should you share content related to recent events and link information on new projects; also engage in conversations by asking questions and responding to others. Moreover, include posts of compelling material from other web sources while giving credit where it’s due. On top of everything else, display a bit of personality too! Unless you are a food blogger, people may not find it interesting to view pictures of the meals from your past week. But they could be appreciative if you showed them what literary masterpiece you recently read, or that coffee-of-the-month club subscription coming up for renewal soon, and even those hoop dancing classes slated after this lengthy invoice filing session! People love buying from others; demonstrate that behind every business there is an individual who leads it too.
  4. Guest posts, press releases, and published articles. Certainly, you can heighten your visibility by appearing in other channels of communication. Don’t let a well-structured press release be the only solution for this – if you have great writing skills, reach out to blogs whose readership overlaps with yours and submit guest posts! This will direct more traffic back to your blog or website while exposing your name on a global scale. If that isn’t enough, pitch an article idea to newspapers or magazines as an opportunity for you to demonstrate mastery within any particular topic area. When you receive consistent exposure, folks will begin to connect your name with the expertise they’re searching for. Even if writing isn’t one of your specialties, you can still be featured as an expert in others’ work. To stay informed about upcoming opportunities like this, you should subscribe to a service such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out). By doing so, reporters and writers looking for experts will notify you – enabling more people to recognize your knowledge base!
  5. Additional information products. To make a lasting, positive impression on your target clients, go all out with an ebook, tip sheet, or full-on workbook. You can either include it as part of another paid product or give it away for free to generate excitement and grow interested in your other services. Whatever you decide, remember that the goal is to show potential customers what they’ll gain from working with you!

Once everything is in place and ready to go, you can’t stay hidden behind your computer. But if you have done it correctly, your written words will already have built a strong connection with readers.

As the founder of Word Nerd Pro, Steph Auteri offers an array of writing, editing, and coaching services to all those who seek them. Her articles have been featured in major publications such as Playgirl, Time Out New York, Nerve, and The Frisky; proving her passion for producing outstanding pieces of work!

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