With the amount of time we all spend at work, it’s crucial to get acquainted with our coworkers – whether we like them or not.

To be successful, those in an office or business must cooperate. If team members are not working together, tasks will remain unfinished. Therefore, if you have a high-stress job, the last thing you want or need is additional strain from disagreements with your colleagues.

With that said, how can you try and become familiar with your co-workers?

Learn the art of small talk. To get the conversation going, begin with a simple hello and ask about their weekend. If they did do anything fun or if they just relaxed at home? By learning some easy conversation starters, you can help break the ice and maintain good working relationships with your colleagues.

Take time to learn about your co-worker’s life and interests. What are some things they like to do for fun? What sports teams do they follow? What’s their dream vacation destination? You might be surprised at how much you have in common!

Network within your organization. Employees that only socialize with those in their department are missing out. It’s essential to also get to know employees from other departments. If you find yourself in a stressful work environment, take solace in the relationships you have built with others in different areas of the company. These connections can help refresh and rejuvenate you, as well as give you insights about your employer that you may not have otherwise had.

Avoid gossip and negativity. Gossip can be tempting and easy to get involved with at work, but it’s important to try and distance yourself from it. Gossip can quickly turn into a toxic situation if you’re not careful.

Engage with the office atmosphere. It can be easy to avoid colleagues outside of work, but making an effort to attend office parties or happy hours once in a while will make you more visible and personable. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to network!

Above all, try to maintain an atmosphere of politeness, respect, and geniality, even when times get tense. You can help develop a positive work environment and strong team morale by engaging in conversation and listening to the suggestions of others.

How well do you know your co-workers? Would you have socialized with them differently if given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

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