We see so many stories of male innovators and creators, but why is that? I believe my gender has been critical in helping me create a successful career. Women naturally have an innate understanding of the primary users of everyday domestic amenities – Undoubtedly, women are leading the charge at 80 percent of consumer spending in America! My perspective as a woman plays an integral role in unlocking success for myself and others like me who are creating new things every day.

As claimed by Dr. Louann Brizendine in her book, The Female Brain, My hippocampus is bigger than it is in men, an area of the brain that harbors memories – be they fights, dates, or moments of tenderness. This elephant-like ability to remember all I’ve seen and experienced helps me make connections and form new ideas, known as Red Threads. It’s a major advantage of creativity!

If there is one thing that we can agree on, it is the lack of female authors who have written books about business and entrepreneurship innovation. A search for “innovation” in Amazon only revealed two titles: Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature authored by Janine M. Benyus, plus Innovations which was penned by Alexandra Papadakis but has since gone out of print with no description to offer readers insight into its contents. It’s time to build up a library filled with diverse voices!

Our search for creative thinking on Amazon was not much more encouraging; a mere seven out of one hundred books were authored by women – that’s a pitiful 7%. Though the advertising profession directs its messages mainly to female consumers, shockingly only 3% of its Creative Directors are women.

Women are constantly coming up with inventive solutions for an array of issues. We manage the delicate balance between family and work, showcasing our executive function. In her 2004 Harvard Business Review article and subsequent book, Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women’s Changing Lives, Anna Fels explored the importance of ambition for women.

“Women are totally capable of mastery; they struggle with the recognition. They don’t like to call attention to themselves.” Discover the

The unfortunate element preventing these companies from achieving greater success is the proprietor’s lack of self-assurance, inability to think on a larger scale, and hesitation about discussing finances. Unfortunately, women’s mental and emotional struggles often prevent us from capitalizing on our full economic potential. Startlingly, the Center for Women’s Business Research discovered that, although firms owned by each gender are approximately equal in quantity, only 3% of women-owned companies have a yearly income surpassing $1 million as opposed to 6% of men-owned businesses.

By the age of nine, self-esteem among girls has already started to dwindle. Unfortunately, this is when creativity for business can become a major problem. We must foster their passion and confidence in their creative potential as well as encourage them to believe that solving problems at any level matter and are worth sharing with the world. To help young women succeed against all odds, it’s essential that we provide encouragement so they can work through fear and doubt together—and ultimately push past these limiting barriers!

Creativity and fresh ideas are only able to take flight when people keep faith in themselves. Confidence and enthusiasm are what drive us forward, allowing us to confront our fears and make our dreams a reality. Without these traits, it becomes hard to bring an idea to fruition. Self-belief emboldens you on your journey toward success – this may be why we don’t see more women leading their own paths with innovative concepts!

With first-hand experience, I can confidently affirm the remarkable capacity of women’s ideas. Every female possesses a wealth of inventive thoughts that they bring to life with enthusiasm and passion. Every one of us has the capacity to convert our thoughts into revolutionary and practicable inventions for everyday life. You simply require a bit of assurance along with the correct resources. Believe in your concepts and yourself, and take action on them instead of overthinking them! Make an effort to be heard by letting out that powerful roar within you – success is just around the corner!

What resources have you found that empower and embolden you? We’d love to know; share your discoveries in the comments section below!

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