If your job is also your passion, how do you manage to maintain a work-life balance? Levo’s Beyond the Pencil Skirt series interviews successful women to see how they can excel in their careers while still making time for themselves. 

Jocelyn is the CEO and co-founder of Hopscotch, a startup with a mission to make computer programming accessible to everyone, especially young children. With a combination of her love for building businesses and passion for empowering students through experiential learning, Jocelyn is the perfect candidate to help your child excel.

Hopscotch’s work, of which she is a part, has been featured by leading media sources such as Apple and FastCompany and recognized in Forbes and Business Insider. Additionally, the Children’s Technology Review, the Parent’s Choice Foundation, and NYC BigApps have all been awarded Hopscotch for their excellence. The company was created in 2013, and its products have received high acclaim from children and educators globally in over 100 countries. Hopscotch is the first programming language designed for mobile devices, enabling kids of any age to create their apps and games.

How Do You Start Your Day?

I wake up and immediately reach for my phone. I check my emails and social media analytics to see how the website is doing overnight. After I wake up, I care for myself and prepare for the day.

What Do You Like to Do for Fun?

I take a walk every day, and if dinner gets made, I usually make it. Within the past year or two, we started getting Sweet Roots, which is a ready-to-cook meal delivery service. Ready in 20 allows you to have a moment and have dinner ready within minutes.

How Do You Recharge During the Day?

If I’m struggling, sometimes I’ll take a quick 10-15 minute power nap on one of the couches in our office, which always helps. I visit a massage place near me and get a 10-minute chair massage whenever I need to de-stress. It only costs $15, which is an amazing deal!

What Is Your Preferred Caffeinated Drink?

If I’m looking for a pick-me-up that’s not too strong, I’ll have half iced tea and half lemonade from Honest Tea.

How Do You Recharge on the Weekends?

I either spend time with family and friends or cook and clean the house. There’s something great about getting out of the city on weekends and exploring little towns along the Hudson, or maybe Princeton or Lido Beach. It’s a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Aim to Get Each Night?

I typically sleep for six or seven hours each night.

Do You Ever Fully Unplug From Technology, or Are You Always Connected?

I probably check my email multiple times at night, but I’d rather not do it during dinner. It’s important to me to have some time when I’m not staring at a screen. I’ll check my email on the weekends only a few times.

When I can, I try to disconnect from technology and spend some time in nature completely. A tech detox is when you delete all your apps and unplug them from your devices for a set time. I’ve done it a couple of times, but you have to tell people what is happening when you do that, or else they’ll worry.

How Do You Manage Stress?

I run to relieve stress. It’s a great way to deal with pressure because, usually, the only thing causing my anxiety is an unfinished task. And, of course, getting a massage always helps too!

Do You Have a Passion Project?

I’ve been finding a lot of joy in gardening lately, especially since we moved and have our backyard to play around in.

At What Point During the Day Do You Feel Like You Work Most Effectively?

I work best when my team is focused, and we can complete a project more quickly than expected. Being able to make choices and remain agile feels great. Also, when I’m catching up with friends over dinner, we share ideas.

What Sort of Things Do You Like to Read? Books, Websites, or Something Else Entirely?

I’m about to finish The Goldfinch; it’s quite a novel! I also read the Twitter story, Hatching Twitter. This is amazing.

The Hopscotch community site is great because I can see all the new projects people are working on. Every day, thousands of new projects are uploaded onto the site.

If You Have Kids, How Do You Manage Your Time so That You Can Balance Work and Family Responsibilities?

Being a parent is hard, especially when your child is two or younger. I aim to spend time with him both in the morning and at night. If I come home late at night, sometimes I’ll see if my partner is awake so we can cuddle. If your child is a good sleeper, co-sleeping can be a great way to bond with them. It can be tricky to get your baby to sleep, but it is important.

What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Food?

We always keep Figgys yogurt in our office. It tastes even better with granola sprinkled in.

When You’re by Yourself, What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do?

Sleep! Perhaps I’ll catch up on emails or do some housekeeping tasks like cleaning out my hard drive and deleting photos. Or maybe even treat me to a pedicure?

What Clothing Makes You Feel Powerful?

I don’t like clothes with frills or too much femininity. I feel strongest in an outfit of skinny jeans, a button-down shirt, a blazer, and tall boots.

5 Things You Need Before Leaving Home

I need my keys, wallet, phone, iPad, notebook, and lip balm. I think that’s six items.

What Are The Most Used or Favorite Apps on Your Smartphone?

I’m obsessed with Monument Valley! I also find the Sunrise app helpful for calendaring. The exit Strategy app is essential for anyone taking the New York City subway. Evernote and Pockets are great because they tell you things like where the exits are in the subway, which can save you minutes!

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