The Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Life Conference last weekend was truly something extraordinary; so much that when it ended, my fingertips still felt like they were on fire from all the tweeting I did! It wasn’t just me either – everyone who attended could feel its magic in their bones. From SPANX founder and CEO Sara Blakely to body language guru Amy Cuddy, Kelly Osbourne to Chrissy Teigan, these inspiring women were sure to have some valuable wisdom. I was willing to brave the danger of collecting their knowledge gems for your benefit- here’s what I found!

“Real change doesn’t happen when you just do things the way other people told you to do them.” –Sara Blakely, CEO of @SPANX

“If change doesn’t hurt a little, it’s not change. You have to go beyond where you’re comfortable, or you’re not progressing.” –@AlizaLicht of @DKNY

“I didn’t have the most experience, I didn’t have the most money, but I cared the most.” –Sara Blakely

“If you work in a male-dominated industry, don’t waste time worrying about the fact that you work in a male-dominated industry.” –Fox News anchor @MegynKelly

“Your next business connection is much more likely to come from a loose connection than a friend.” –@SallieKrawcheck

“Your best friends can’t open new doors for you, because you’re all in the same room.” –@DrMegJay, author of The Defining Decade

“There are a lot of opportunities out there, but they’re not going to fall into your lap. Be relentless.” –@WindsorHanger, co-founder and President of Her Campus

“Live beneath your means as much as you can in your twenties.” –@AlexavonTobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest

“The more lessons you can learn on someone else’s dime, the better.” –Nasty Gal founder and CEO @Sophia_Amoruso

“Being naive can be a tool, because it can allow you to create things that haven’t been created yet. And for everything you don’t know, there’s Google. You can Google it.” –@Sophia_Amoruso

“When we feel stuck, it’s often because we’re living by somebody else’s rules.” –@JillianMichaels

“I live by the rule of doing one nice thing for myself every day. You have to.” –@KellyOsbourne 

“You do a disservice to yourself when you start apologizing for things. Utilize your imperfections to build your brand.” –@GraceHelbig, vlogger and author of Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending To Be A Grown Up

“You’ll be happier if you spend your money on experiences, not things.” –@AlexavonTobel

“Opportunity is when luck and preparation meet. So prepare for the job you want or the person you want to be in life. You’ll get the opportunity, but if you’re not prepared nothing will come of it.” –E! News correspondent @AliciaLQuarles

“If you want to change the world, you must go to where the power lies.” –@NinaGVaca

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