Recently, Jen Gotch visited Re: Make to talk about her journey of excellence. She is a powerhouse and the founder behind – our absolute favorite brand! If you haven’t heard of Jen yet, then now’s your chance to get familiar with this badass entrepreneur. Jen is an absolute must-follow on Instagram. With a presentation as captivating as her products, she delivered career lessons to 550 attendees in just thirty minutes by sharing her journey of attempting various jobs and experiencing both success and failure. Her words left the room with some serious food for thought! To conclude her presentation, she presented a slide labeled, “Exactly 6 Things You Can Do When Things Kinda Suck.” She told the crowd, “Inevitably as your business grows, there’s going to be some suck-ass days, and I’m big on morale, so here’s some stuff that I thought you guys could take a picture of and remember.”

1. Listen to a playlist.

Nothing soothes the soul better than slipping on a set of headphones and listening to your preferred tunes. When things aren’t going as planned in the office, Jen turns up her favorite track, “Ice Cream and Cake.” “It has like 8,000 beats per minute,” she says. “It might be better than drugs.”

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2. Spritz yourself with rosewater.

Everyone needs a periodic refresher, don’t you think? Addressing the gentlemen in her audience, Jen urged them to “Do it in another room. Don’t do it in public, but it will make you feel better within seconds.”

3. Take a field trip.

“Get out of the office. If you can, go to Disneyland. I highly recommend Disneyland,” Jen says. If you are not in Florida or Los Angeles, consider going to the movies, taking a scenic walk, or planning an exciting road trip! Step out of your comfort zone and break from the daily grind by doing something fun and adventurous.

4. Keep your eye on the prize.

Ladies, be ready for an important career lesson! According to Jen, set your ambitions and put them in a visible spot. This way you can always remember what it is that you are striving for. Revisit your aspirations often whenever you feel overwhelmed. When the going gets tough, remember why and what you set out to accomplish in the first place – goals are incredibly influential; they will help keep pushing you forward even when times seem bleak.

5. Give a compliment.

Jen says, “Sometimes when things are going wrong, it’s really easy to kind of look to lay blame, whether that’s to yourself or your employees or society as a whole. Flip that around and find one thing to be grateful for or one thing to praise someone for. That always seems to work for me.”

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6. Drugs.

Not to worry, I’m not talking about illicit substances. However, here’s what Jen had to say regarding this: “I’m not talking about street drugs. I’m talking about talking to a doctor if maybe you’re feeling a little bit anxious. You just get a prescription and you solve that.” We vote you give “Ice Cream and Cake” a listen first, but if things are really taking a turn for the worse, talking to a professional is never a bad thing to try.

This article was originally published on BRIT + CO.

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