A trusted friend gave me some great advice when I left India to come to the United States. They said that I should pursue a career in math and technology, two subjects that had always interested me when I was younger. And so far, it’s worked out pretty well!

Technology is not something to be feared; it should be seen as an opportunity. It has the ability to change lives for the better in innumerable ways.

Technology became an important part of my life, and as I progressed in my career, I saw more areas that needed improvement. However, since I didn’t have the authority to implement these changes, this motivated me to pursue a leadership role instead.

Over the years, I’ve managed to learn a few things about what it means to be a good leader. These six lessons are some of the most important ones:

1. Desire and confidence are critical.

The attributes of effective leaders always include a longing to lead as well as assurance in their abilities. The motivation to succeed comes from the desire to lead. Good leadership gathers people towards the shared vision and goals, and inspires them work together to achieve these objectives.

2. Mentors are key.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, which is why I’ve sought out and worked with many mentors throughout my career. Without their continuous generosity of support in terms of ideas, advice, relationships, and wisdom, I would not be where I am today.

3. Persuade, don’t push.

Too often, women in the workplace are viewed as unfriendly when they act assertively. It’s crucial to keep in mind that negative emotions should not drive a leader’s interactions with their team. The most effective way to lead is by using questions that provoke thought and inspire persuasion.

4. Hire the hungry, the talented, and the complementary.

A time will come when you’re in charge of a team. Be careful with your choice in employees. You need individuals working together who have different strengths and abilities that work well with each other. But they all must share one interest: a love for their job.

The next time you’re in a meeting, try to channel your inner George Clooney from Oceans 11. The reason the group he assembled succeeds is because each team member brings their own unique skill set that contributes to the whole.

5. Focus on the journey, not just the goal.

By giving every team member a personal goal to achieve, you empower them and yourself to work collaboratively toward success. Make the journey difficult enough to be engaging, but still enjoyable. An appealing journey is always motivating.

6. Results matter–a lot.

You might not realize this, but if you don’t deliver results that either meet or exceed expectations, then you’re not going to become a leader. A while back, my mentor gave me some fantastic advice: “It’s much harder to argue with the results.”

This is something I have found to be incredibly accurate.

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