You have 30 seconds or less to sell yourself. How do you choose the most important details of your story to share? The key is using words that will make the biggest impact in such a short amount of time.

The following elevator pitches hit the mark. They’re straightforward and personable, and most importantly, they stick across a variety of industries such as technology, fashion, design, and more. They may be used as a source of inspiration to help you create an unforgettable elevator pitch of your own:

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For the Music Maker 

“I believe that what matters most is what we do to make the world a better place. We started LSTN to help change the world through the power of music. We make beautiful, handcrafted real wood headphones and use a portion of our proceeds to help people hear for the first time.” —Joe Huff

For the Caterer or Chef

“I love feeding people. With my team of talented chefs and event producers, I create captivating, one-of-a-kind dining experiences for high-end clientele across the country.” —Roblé Ali

For the Mindful Entrepreneur 

“As the Founder & CEO of Bossed Up, I help women beat burnout and achieve sustainable success.” —Emilie Aries

For the Performance Artist 

“Music and performance has been an integral part of of my being since I began arranging and transposing songs at the age of 5 years old. I’m focused on cultivating my passions as an artist and perfecting my craft along the way.” —Austin Brown

For the Humanitarian 

“I founded FEED as a way to help my peers get involved in the fight to end hunger. Every product we sell has a number on it, which represents the number of meals that purchase provides to a child in need.” —Lauren Bush Lauren

For the Mentor

“Blush offers online life coaching for the modern-day girl. Enjoy private sessions with your personal life coach for as low as $79/month. Life can be mean. Let’s talk behind its back.” —Kali Rogers

For the Innovator 

“Co-founder of Fuck Cancer, an innovative nonprofit whose mission is to detect and prevent cancer while providing community support.” —Yael Cohen Braun

For the DIY Entrepreneur  

“I’m passionate about empowering women through fashion and business. As the founder of Trend Tribe, I empower college students to run their own jewelry boutiques on campus. Statement necklaces hold a special place in my heart.” —Samantha Cooper

For the On-Demand Entrepreneur 

“Minibar is the fastest growing on-demand alcohol company. Who doesn’t want to push a button and get wine, spirits & beer delivered?”—Lindsey Andrews

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For the Vlogger

“I’ve been tech-obsessed since unboxing my family’s first Apple computer. By sixth grade I had built my first website. A decade later, I became one of the Internet’s first—and most popular—influencers, inviting people around the world to watch my every move, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.” —Justine Ezarik

For the Education Advocate 

“I am a 1st grade teacher turned entrepreneur. My passion for education—ignited when my family immigrated to the U.S. seeking educational opportunity—led me to the classroom. My frustration with a system disserving my students led me to found Springboard in 2011.” —Alejandro Gac-Artigas

For the Problem-Solver

“I’m the co-founder of the first non-toxic sexual wellness products brand in the U.S. My passion is to use business as a way to solve the sexual health and reproductive rights issues facing women today.” —Meika Hollender

For the Modern Activist 

“Speaking is my forte, hosting is my privilege and activism is my calling. I use media and the world of entertainment to inspire people and love them back to life. I’m one of the lucky ones who finds no distinction between work and play.” —Alexis Jones

For the E-Commerce All-Star 

“I am the Founder and CEO of Modern Citizen. I am a passionate fashion and e-commerce entrepreneur who believes wholeheartedly in being heads down and hands-on.” —Jessica Lee

For the Scientist

“I enjoy finding simple solutions to complex scientific problems. Founder & CEO at uBeam, which converts ultrasound waves into electricity to power devices. It’s like WiFi for energy.” —Meredith Perry

For the Computer Wiz

“I’m the co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare, a company helping to build a better Internet. I’m a repeat entrepreneur, and a recovering lawyer.” —Matthew Prince

For the Foodie

“Condiment King and connoisseur. Unwilling to compromise my tastebuds or principles, I create and refine ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.” —Mark Ramadan

For the E! News Obsessed

“Striving to connect fans to entertainment in a deeper and more meaningful way. Why? Because I’m a fan myself. ” —Stephanie Spear Gutierrez

For the Healthcare Visionary  

“I’m figuring it out as I go. I used to work in venture capital, until my dad got sick and needed a heart transplant—and I found the problem I really care most about solving. ORGANIZE is modernizing the organ donation system and trying to save as many lives as possible.” —Greg Segal

For the Story-Teller

“I play with photos and words all day and turn them into extraordinary stories for Young Life on social media. I’m a dreamer, thinker, writer and adventurer at heart.” —Meaghan O’Connor

For the Feminist 

“I’m on a mission to eliminate the gender wage gap. I think it’s ridiculous that women aren’t earning their worth. Through my book, podcast, and speaking at conferences I’m able to empower Millennial women with the tools to earn what they’re worth.” —Jacqueline V. Twillie

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For the Doer 

“I believe in completing every task I embark upon efficiently and elegantly. I currently do that in book production, where I can use my design skills and aesthetic to solve everyday hiccups in creative ways.” —Nicola Clements

For the Change-maker 

“Global Health Corps’ mission is to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity. We are building a community of changemakers who share a common belief: Health is a human right.” —Barbara Bush

For the Bookworm

“I’m creator of ReadThisNext, a book discovery app that brings authors and readers together. A good book can change your life. Now, you can express appreciation back to an author. Authors are given more control over how their books are found. We are democratizing book discovery to become the bookstore of the future.”—Dani Fankhauser

For the Comedian

“I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania who’s looking to make a career for myself in stand-up comedy. People tell me I sound like Jerry Seinfeld, What’s the deal with that?” —Brenden Wildes

For the Matchmaker

“I started off casually organizing blind dates—now I’m doing it professionally at Three Day Rule. I live in LA with my husband—who is my ‘type’!” —Talia Goldstein

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For the Artisanal Entrepreneur 

“ is the leading marketplace for specialty coffee and related equipment. We are focused on building a vibrant community and a destination website for gourmet coffee news, blogging, reviews and how-to guides.” —Samuel Mylrea

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For the Storyteller 

“I am a video storyteller, community builder, and global adventurer. I skip the small talk and delve into the lives of strangers. I am the founder of BIG TALK.” —Kalina Silverman

For the Connector 

“Addicted to content and finding ways for brands to become a part of the conversation instead of interrupting it.” —Kyle Duckitt

For the Reporter

“You can find me reporting the news by day and exploring where it comes from the rest of the time. I’ve been everywhere from reporting at the United Nations to rapping on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to hosting the Big Buck Hunter World Championships. I may also pop up under search results for OJ Tropicana.” —Omar Jimenez

For the Side Hustler

“Client Strategy Manager by day, lifestyle blogger by night. There’s nothing that can’t be solved with a large cup of coffee and a to-do list.” —Amanda Brooks

For the White House Hopeful

I am a public servant and Olivia Pope in training. I moved to DC from North Carolina to pursue my dreams of working in strategic communications and digital media. My life’s mission is to help women reach their full potential in the workplace and in their personal lives.” —Jordun Lawrence

For the Working Mom

“I’m a wife, mama and illustrator who plays dress up every day, creating colorful illustrations for fashionistas and mini fashionistas alike.” —Jocquillin Shaunté Nayoan

For the Social Media Exert 

“I am very passionate in helping others build relationships with their publics & audiences through social media and other new media platforms. When I’m not helping others craft the perfect 140 character tweet, you can catch me at a local coffee shop soaking up a new book or sketching my surroundings.” —Alexis Cecil

For the Self-Starter 

“I’m an outgoing & outspoken Midwestern girl, building my dream life here as a wardrobe stylist in Music City! As a self-starter, I love learning new skills, especially in web & graphic design. I’ve been creating anything DIY since I can remember. I thrive around passionate people and love building new connections!” —Amanda Mishelle

For the Techie 

“I sold my first piece of software at age 11, and now I work with food data and the intersection of tech as the CEO of” —Lara Littlefield

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For the Underwater Adventurer 

“Mermaid, explorer and underwater adventurer with a knack for explaining science and the natural world with elegance, clarity and quirky fun.” —Danni Washington

For the Artsy Entrepreneur 

“Painter turned fashion entrepreneur. California and Seoul native. Art lover with an MBA. Bringing comfort and ease to women living 24/7 lives who wear the pants.” —Eunice Cho

For the Multi-Entrepreneur 

“I’m the Co-Founder & CEO of Yoobi and the Co-Founder and “Chief Carrot Lover” of San Francisco based Yes To Inc. Each of my businesses are built on three pillars: incredible people, kick ass product, and awesome cause.” —Ido Leffler

For the Teacher (and More) 

“Preschool teacher by day | entrepreneur by night. Product design for a purpose: give yourself a little personalization and edge as well as cleanliness and comfort for your ride whether out on the open road or tapping it back in a spin class. Ride, Wash, Recycle. #RideOn” —Chelsea Petrozzo

For the Leadership Coach 

“Women’s leadership coach + yoga/meditation teacher supporting change makers stand in their power and create a badass spiritual life and biz. I don’t coach coaches, I activate leaders.” —Thaís Guimaraes

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