In the last 23 years, there’s been a surge in businesses owned by females, with 67% more businesses now being run by women than in 1997. Women own around 30% of all businesses in the United States. The New Women’s Movement, as termed by Forbes, is the opposite of the Quiet Revolution of 1970. In that time frame, women were leaving their homes to begin working. Nowadays, though, women are quitting their jobs and going home to run businesses instead.

Entrepreneurship has been whole-heartedly embraced by women around the globe, who have innovated and improved upon it. Women entrepreneurs excel because they can be leaders in their own right and do things according to their own vision, transforming the business landscape as we know it.

As a woman, there are many advantages that come with entrepreneurship. If you have been considering starting your own business, it’s important to weigh these pros and see if they fit your goals.

  1. Improve the Balance Between Work and Life.

The most important advantage of being your own boss is that you can create a company culture that fits the lifestyle you want to lead. {Click to Tweet}

In comparison to other working environments, corporations aren’t as flexible with their hours, which isn’t ideal for women who are usually the ones starting and supporting families. The ability to pick your own hours and work from home allows you to schedule control of both your job and personal life. You can be a worker and mother at the very same time without difficulty.

2. Uses Finances to Your Advantage.

The well-known saying goes that you have to spend money to make money. At the beginning stages of your business, this rule is especially important because it can feel costly to invest without getting any immediate return.

Women are more likely to take financial help and advice from others at this stage in the process, according to a recent study. In fact, female-owned businesses are more likely to be offered business bank loans than male-owned businesses. For these reasons, business bank loans are the most popular method of funding for women entrepreneurs, with certain loans offering exclusive support to first-time start-ups.

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3. Your Intuition Is Your Best Guide. Follow It.

Women are known for their strong intuition, and smart business owners can use this to their advantage when hiring new employees.

Employers who are female usually prioritize emotional intelligence (EQ) over IQ, while the reverse is true for males. Emotional intelligence is the ability to control one’s own emotions and effectively manage interpersonal relationships.

According to research, a person’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is more accurate at predicting success than their IQ. As a female employer, following your intuition and relying on EQs can help you identify the best candidates for the job—regardless of their IQ scores.

4. Create More Joy in Your Life.

Studies show that women tend to do worse in competitive environments than men, which gives them a disadvantage in the corporate workplace. When you work from home, though, you’re more likely to be inspired and productive because you’re comfortable and working at your own pace.

Besides, many females are motivated to work in an environment where they can be handsomely rewarded for their personal efforts. The hard work and success experienced during the entrepreneur journey go a long way toward a woman’s happiness.

A recent study showed that female entrepreneurs are three times as happy as women who don’t own their businesses–and that doesn’t include the extra personal and financial benefits. Confidence is the best return on investment you could ask for when pursuing entrepreneurship.

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Women should be the boss not only because it allows them to put themselves back in control of their own lives, but also permits them to choose the career option that allows them to be happiest—or even just the most contented version of themselves. So go ahead and hire yourself today!

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