Beyonce was correct when she said “Who runs the world? Girls!”

Women who are accurate, successful, savvy, and stay-on-it are the types of strong business women in Essence Magazine’s new feature “Women of the White House.” The feature captures dynamic black women responsible for keeping President Obama’s administration running.

As another “Yoncé anthem” comes to mind–“Bow down!”

We were inspired by these powerful female leaders, who are 23 (Jordan Metoyer, Assistant to the Deputy Director & Senior Advisor to the Office of Management & Budget Director) to 58 (Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President). What we admire about them is not just that they work at the White House–but that they have gained so much wisdom from their 7 years during Obama’s administration. Their lessons motivate us every Hump Day!

These are their personal mottos and secrets of success that we thought were really great and decided to write them down!

“Never take a job that doesn’t terrify [you]. Those are the jobs worth doing.” —Adaeze Enekwechi, Associate Director for Health, Office of Management and Budget

“You may not be your college valedictorian, but being present and contributing will earn you a spot on this team.”—Desiree Barnes, Press Assistant & Senior Wrangler

“Truth will prevail regardless of the opposition and enormity of the challenge.” —Ashley Etienne, Special Assistant to the President & Cabinet Communications Director, a shining example of most powerful women in business.

“I’ve learned to be patient, thorough and deliberate.”—Carrie Twigg, Director of Public Engagement for Vice President Joe Biden

“My parents always taught me to work hard and to never give a halfhearted performance.” —Susan Rice, National Security Advisor

“When women succeed, America succeeds.” —Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, emphasizing women success.

“Always be yourself. It sounds cliché, but as you get older, it becomes clear what being yourself truly means.” —Deesha Dyer, Special Assistant to the President & Social Secretary

“Never take anything for granted.”—Katherine Branch, Director of Special Projects for the Office of Public Engagement & The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

“A college professor told me, ‘Dream, but don’t sleep.’”—Kristin Jones, Special Assistant & Director of Special Projects for First Lady Michelle Obama

“The amount of good a person can do is limited only by her creativity and effort.”—Adrienne Harris, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, showcasing most powerful women in business.

Read the remaining secrets of success from all of these remarkable women in the new issue of Essence Magazine on newsstands now!

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