We’ve all had that experience where we hear a term we’re unfamiliar with when around friends or colleagues. Nodding your head in feigned agreement, you parrot back something like, “Totally, I’m thinking about best side hustles in a few months myself.” All the while, you’re frantically trying to remember what “recareering” means and questioning if you even used the word correctly.

No shame in needing a little help to catch up on the latest buzzwords. Bookmark this page for all the trendy phrases you’re hearing everywhere.

1. Elevator Pitch n. An elevator pitch is designed to be a quick way to communicate your purpose, talents, and the mark you’d like to make on the world. The point of an elevator pitch is to pique someone’s interest and entice them into wanting to learn more about you.

Use It in a Sentence: Most people think that an elevator pitch is only about listing your previous jobs. However, Leslie realized that it’s actually more important to be able to communicate your strengths in a clear and concise manner, especially when exploring options for an easy side hustle.

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2. Culture Fit n./v. 1. To show the values, behavior, and attitude that match a company’s current organization 2. Most interviewers aim to discern if a potential employee would be a good cultural fit for the company. The applicant’s character is almost as important as their skill level when being considered for a position, including for side hustle jobs.

Use It in a Sentence: Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm, terminated employee Ellen Pao after she was accused of not being a good culture fit for the company.

3. Career Branding v. 1. Marketing yourself to potential employers 2. Career branding is the process of creating and conveying an accurate and positive picture of your career accomplishments, talents, and skills. This can be done through a variety of tools including a resume, cover letter, portfolio, social media profile, or even the way you present yourself in person.

Use It in a Sentence: Alexis removed old photos from college off her Facebook account to begin the journey of rebranding herself for her new career blogging about motherhood as a Millennial.

4. Side Hustle n. Making extra money by taking on a second job in your spare time. Whether driving for a ridesharing service or pursuing a true passion like wedding photography on the weekends, side hustling is an opportunity to explore other interests without quitting your day job. It’s a journey to find the best side hustles that suit your skills and lifestyle.

Use It in a Sentence: Before she was a reality TV star, Kim Kardashian worked in retail and also had a side hustle where she sold clothing belonging to her celebrity friends on eBay.

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5. Recareering v. To pivot to a new stage in your Working Life. It is not just finding a job but it’s also seeking out ways to make more money, have a higher social media ranking, and attain greater power, often through engaging in a side hustle.

Use It in a Sentence: After Paul lost his job in finance, he read an article about the solar power industry booming in California. This led him to consider changing careers in that field.

6. Thinking Talents n. Being able to think in unique ways is what sets you apart from the rest of the herd. It’s also a skill that will help you find success at work, discover a career path you’re passionate about, and identify the best side hustles that align with your unique thinking talents. To learn more about your thinking talents, download Levo’s Thinking Talents app now.

Use it in a Sentence: All of my thinking talents are analytical and procedural. Do your thinking talents differ, and how do they compare to mine?

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