As a Forbes contributor and career coach specializing in women’s professional development, I receive countless emails each month filled with questions from female professionals regarding every aspect of their lives and careers. Many of these inquiries represent the quandary that thousands are facing today – just like this one:

I’m 27 and work in a corporate managerial role. I know I don’t like my work (and haven’t liked it for a few years) but it pays very well. I was promoted recently too, but still I agonize daily whether I should change careers or just leave it alone and stick with it. How can you tell if you should change careers or not?

If you are questioning whether or not it is time for a career change, then I have identified 4 reliable and effective ways to determine your decision. Once you get acquainted with these indicators, determining the answer to “Should I stay or should I go?” will be instantaneous!

The 4 ways to tell if you should change careers are:

You feel drained and exhausted on a regular basis, leaving you feeling completely depleted.

If you experience deteriorating healthy, extreme fatigue, and chronic illness, investigating your work environment is a must. We spent more time at our job than anywhere else – if we don’t enjoy what we do or it’s too strenuous for us, this can take its toll on our body. Your body never lies – when something isn’t right in the workplace, rest assured that will have an effect sooner rather than later!

You’ve hit a roadblock in your current career path; you are unfulfilled and the wages no longer compensate for it.

Many individuals who are discontent with their jobs, but hesitant to make an alteration, discover that what keeps them stuck is the fear of abandoning a steady income. Women in particular often hesitate to take this step as they are used to earning six figures and don’t want to part with it. Yet eventually many start considering: “Wait – I get good money here, however my life revolves around making it instead”. This realization helps people re-examine their skillset and potential for new ways of generating the same amount without risking everything or sacrificing all other aspects of life.

Despite diligently making all the “right” decisions in your professional life, the result can still feel unsatisfactory.

Too many women have followed all of the expected protocols but yet still wake up feeling tired and unfulfilled in their profession. More often than not, these “right” choices become more about satisfying others or feeding our egos rather than actively determining what it is that we are truly passionate about and whether this job actually aligns with those passions. It takes difficult questions to discover which path you should pursue; ones like “What excites me? What do I want to pursue?”

You have an unshakeable conviction that your innate gifts and capabilities should be used to make a much grander, more meaningful impact.

Every morning during my corporate job, I would think to myself “I’m meant for something greater than this.” Although I disregarded that thought as crazy at the time, now I know better. If you have an inkling of a feeling telling you there must be more to life than your current routine – listen to it! You are right; there definitely is so much more out there just waiting for you.

If you are passionate about meaningful and rewarding work, it’s your calling to pursue it. Nevertheless, the actions that you take in order to make a difference as well as the attitude that accompanies these actions will determine whether or not you experience tremendous success or unavoidable disappointment.

Are you ready to make the exhilarating shift in your career this year?

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