Confession: At one point in time, I devoted two hours to scrolling through a blog overflowing with Nicholas Cage’s face photoshopped onto other people’s bodies. It was quite the experience – two hours well spent! The internet is capable of delivering incredible amounts of content and thought-provoking conversations, as demonstrated by the blog devoted to Angelina Jolie’s right leg. Exploring this vast resource can also open up a wealth of professional resources for young professionals looking to get ahead in their careers. Here are some examples: The best career blogs on the web that you’ll want to check out!

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl brings a refreshing voice to the table on her blog that primarily focuses on millennials and young professionals, but also delves into other topics such as fitness, dating, apartment searching, and more! Not only is she full of great advice for real-life situations – the website itself looks gorgeous too – it’s an added bonus that can’t be overlooked.

Heidi Cohen

I absolutely adore this woman’s career! She is a top-notch marketing specialist that centers her expertise on digital and direct marketing, making her an inspiration to professionals. Her blog posts are designed for social media and online marketers without the use of complex language. If you’re into content creation or simply need help with your blog strategy then Heidi Cohen should be at the top of your list – she provides plenty of simple yet effective methods to make blogging easier.

Classy Career Girl

Every Monday, the Classy Career Girl brings me a ray of sunshine through her Monday Motivation posts. Anna Runyan never fails to get us inspired with her weekly round-up of career advice and articles that are perfect for professionals from all walks of life – containing lots of resume tips, interview guidance, and productivity hacks! She consistently provides brilliant resources for anyone in need– I’m delighted she’s here every week to bring on the motivation!

Boasting the most comprehensive resources in beauty, style, and career advice on the list, YCB offers something for professional women at any stage of their journey – including PR professionals. Even better? Explore their Career Advice section, packed with useful tips, to help job seekers make the right moves toward success with the best blogs for young adults!

We Are Social

If you’re a social media enthusiast searching to market yourself, We Are Social’s blog is the perfect resource. The website breaks down intricate marketing research into an easily-digestible format and offers guidance on how to establish your personal brand. Furthermore, the content can give job searchers that extra edge they need in their search while allowing readers to stay up-to-date with the most current trends in social media practices!

College students, job seekers, professionals, and those in career transitions should take advantage of the invaluable information that blogs offer instead of squandering two hours idly scrolling through photos of Nicholas Cage. Let’s strive to be better than that! Explore the enriching content provided by these insightful blogs for young adults on LEVO.

Ready to begin your blogging journey? Leverage the expertise of Carly Heitlinger from The College Prepster and make sure you start off on the right foot!

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