No one looks forward to being told what they’re doing wrong, but criticism can be very beneficial. It provides a different perspective on your work and might reveal areas where you need to change your methods or approach.

You can certainly enhance the overall quality of your work if you take criticism well (that is, not personally or emotionally) and evaluate it.

Here are six strategies for responding to good feedback at work:

1. Don’t Overreact to What She Said.

Before you respond, take a pause. Breathe slowly to avoid getting upset; stay calm and cool. The Sensitivity to Criticism Test revealed that those who are more sensitive to criticism tend to be less satisfied with their job, have poorer performance ratings, and have low self-esteem. Before you respond to something, take a few seconds to collect your thoughts first.

2. Take Notes.

Not only should you listen to feedback carefully, but also show that you understand it. Rephrasing what the other person said is a fantastic approach to retaining feedback. It implies that you’re paying attention and will help you recall the comments in the future.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions. It’s the Only Way to Learn and Grow.

Criticism, whether negative or positive, can help you better understand what is expected of you in your job. If you’re ever unclear about the feedback you received, always ask questions for clarity and understanding. Doing so demonstrates not only that you’re taking the comment seriously, but also that you want to learn from it and improve moving forward.

4. A Simple “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way.

It’s not easy to provide feedback. Thank the individual for their time and effort in giving you constructive criticism, as well as allowing you to grow as a result of it.

5. Follow Up on Your Efforts.

If you were given constructive criticism regarding a major problem, set aside some time to see if your performance has improved.

6. Ponder Your Life Choices.

Don’t make the feedback bigger than it is. Try your best not to let it bother you. Taking things personally was one of the most costly mistakes I made in my career previously. If you want to improve, then listen to feedback with an open mind. Remember that the person giving the feedback is thinking about your work, not you as a person.

No one’s perfect–even your boss makes mistakes. You’ll get ahead in your career if you see constructive criticism as a good thing. It provides you with a chance to grow and become the best version of yourself!

This was originally published in The Preppy Post Grad.

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