Don’t you remember the 7th-grade math teacher who introduced you to algebra for the first time?

Additionally, people remember the best managers from their early careers. A good math teacher is able to make areas or topics which are uncharted, challenging, or new feel approachable and even exciting. A great math teacher motivates their students to continue with the subject and a great manager motivates their team members to stay on board.

Below are six things young managers should do to motivate and teach their team members—knowing when to give them some space for creativity.

1. They get rid of “work FOMO”

We’re so used to living our lives online that a lot of us also have a work-related Fear Of Missing Out. As in other areas of your life, you’ll have to come up with ways of dealing with it that suit you best. I had to let go of some responsibilities so my team members can learn new things and grow. I wanted to focus on the next stage of our strategy and delegate responsibilities to the team. This enabled me to remain hands-on with key members who add vast value to our company.”No one knows everything, and no one can do it all.” -Katie Wiebusch, director of franchise consulting at Pure Barre

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2. They communicate the company culture and ensure that everyone feels appreciated.

I feel very strongly about leading by example and I hope that my actions leave a positive effect on the company. I want employees to be as passionate about the company we are building together as I am. Make sure they see my dedication to the cause by seeing me do great work in the office. As much as you can, try to make your job fun. If you enjoy what you do, it is easier to work harder and produce better content. Nicole Gardner, 29, CEO at Dormify concurs: “People will work harder if they are getting joy out of what they are doing.”

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3. They know they’re not just here to put out the fires, but to make sure the good ideas are shared.

“Bear in mind that your team needs you just as much when things are going well as when they need help. To help your employees continue being their best, you may need to be more open to providing direction and feedback. Sometimes people might need advice or ideas and not realize it! So don’t cancel your 1:1s. When it’s tough to pinpoint the right time to schedule that necessary but inconvenient meeting, they can easily be put off. But trust us: they’re really important and you should try not to put them off as much as possible.

4. They encourage their team members to ask themselves, “What are you learning from this? What can you apply to your work or yourself?” Are you growing as a person?”

We really value learning at our company. Give your team the opportunity to try new things and explore what we do here. Starting out in your career, it’s to be expected that you’re asked to do a lot of things you haven’t done before. This is where you can evaluate what you’re learning and growing as an individual: ’What am I learning? Am I progressing in the right direction?’ When people take time for themselves, they are able to see the contributions they’re making towards their success and how it benefits the company. -Meghan Gage at GrubHub

5. They offer continuous training for their staff, in order to help them reach the best levels of performance.

“I didn’t think I would feel so overworked just because of the team’s career development, but now that it all hit me, I realize this responsibility is huge. Yes, I make sure to manage their current and future output every day. I am very proactive in keeping their career on track. A successful brand should grow alongside the company.

6. They make sure their staff feels valued.

It is important for a manager to create an environment where employees feel they are being given the chance to offer their input and share their ideas. “I would do anything for my team members.” Janet Park’s 30-word speech sums up the beauty of being highly engaged.

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