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group of women standing in front of yellow garland in an office room

Best Dress for Your Body Type: Professional Styling Guide and Outfit Inspiration – LEVO

Elevate your professional style with our guide on how to dress for your body type. Discover the best dress for your body type and transform your look.

A woman holding a pen and looking at the white board in front of her co-workers

Beyond the Pencil (Skirt) With Yael Silverstein, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Inspiring Capital

Hear from a young professional who is using her skills in strategy and operations to make an impact in the social enterprise space.

A woman standing on the wall while holding her phone near to her ear

Beyond the Pencil (Skirt): Meet Caroline Scheinfeld, Founder of 3WCircle

In this interview, Caroline Scheinfeld outlines her path as an entrepreneur and narrates the fascinating story of how she founded 3WCircle.

woman holding up a blouse in each hand

From Faux Pas to Fabulous: LEVO’s Essential Guide to Avoiding 7 Common Fashion Faux Pas in the Corporate Setting

Unsure about what is fashion faux pas in the office? Our list highlights the top fashion don’ts to help you dress smartly and avoid any workwear blunders.

A woman holding a tray full of bread

Beyond the Pencil (Skirt): Rachel Hofstetter, Author and Entrepreneur

Learn how Rachel Hofstetter turned her passion for interviewing entrepreneurs into a successful business of her own.

Woman smiling while holding a yellow shoes and a box

10 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for 2014

Ready for wardrobe update? We have all the tips you need if you’re looking to make major changes or just a few small updates. Let’s get started!

woman in business suit

Beyond the Pencil (Skirt): Julie Sygiel, Founder of Dear Kate

Meet Julie Sygiel, the woman who created Dear Kate. A line of beautiful lacy panties designed to help you conquer mother nature.

A woman standing while carrying a laptop

Beyond the Pencil (Skirt): Meet Inslee Haynes, Inslee By Design

A look into the creative mind of artist and entrepreneur, Inslee Haynes. See how her company, Inslee by Design, is changing the fashion world.

3 women wearing different kinds of office attire on a grey background

Can Women Ever Win When It Comes to Style at Work?

Let's take a closer look at the ongoing debate of whether or not women ever have an opportunity to win in terms of office attire.

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