New York City local, Caroline Scheinfeld is the CEO and Founder of 3WCircle (What Women Want) – a company dedicated to advocating for women’s self-care amongst career-driven individuals. A true friend, who reminds her peers to take time out for themselves; whether it be getting their nails done or going on a run. We had an exclusive interview with Caroline about how she blends work and life, as well as some of her favorite places in NYC to grab brunch!


Current Location:

New York, NY

Originally from:

New York, NY

Education (College / Major):

Cornell University / Fiber Science & Apparel Management

Job Title:

CEO/Founder of 3WCircle

Brief description of 3WCircle:

The 3WCircle is a platform for women to connect, reflect and share their life experiences as they redefine success and happiness. Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching your own business or simply starting a family of your own, this community can provide the inspiration you need on your journey. Find meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals while engaging in real conversations that will lead to moments of self-actualization.

What inspired you to create this platform?

After attending multiple conferences and networking events, I noticed that many women were collecting business cards but not forging meaningful connections. Realizing that a great number of female entrepreneurs desired genuine relationships with one another, I set up an online platform where they could openly exchange their ideas, narratives, and life experiences – establishing lasting bonds in the process.

Despite the abundance of supportive networks designed to assist women professionally, I found it difficult to locate a space for female-identifying individuals to define joy and success outside their professional lives.

Where were you before starting 3WCircle?

At Zelkova Ventures, an up-and-coming venture capital firm located in NYC, I was responsible for uncovering investment opportunities within the fashion and retail sectors that were specifically tailored toward female consumers.

What has been your favorite event put on by 3WCircle?

Selecting only one event out of the many we offer at our organization seems unfair and would be an injustice. A few that come to mind are: “Priorities: What Slices are in your Priority Pie,” “I am Whole: A Wellness Event Based on Self-Love” and most recently, “Cooking Up a Business Dinner Party with Authors/Entrepreneurs Rachel Hofstetter and Phoebe Lapine.”

Personal Style

Your style in a few words:

My style is an embodiment of my state of mind – it may even be inspired by a certain decade I’m feeling. A little bit of contemporary flair, sharpness, and 1950s chic come together to create the perfect look!

Style icon:

My mom is a master of stylish design! She effortlessly combines vivid colors and rich textures in her clothing for an elegant yet whimsical look. I deeply admire women like my mother who have the confidence to dress however they please no matter where they’re going or who’s watching!

A go-to bag for work and items inside:

As a fan of the traditional, I constantly find myself turning to school planners and notebooks despite my love for technology. Seeing my agenda and tasks written down on paper sitting in front of me creates an inner sense of peace that no amount of tech can provide. My iPad mini is great but nothing beats the good old-fashioned way.

My bag includes:

  • Ahava dead sea water mineral hand cream
  • By Terry lip balm
  • Wintermint Orbit Gum (never to be chewed in meetings but it helps me focus)
  • Book(s) of the moment: I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown and Do Cool Sh*t by Miki Agrawal
  • Staples’ Arc customizable notebook

Makeup routine:

During the day, I opt for a tinted moisturizer and cheek stain blush combo with mascara to complete my look. For weekends or nights out, Clinique’s hypoallergenic makeup allows me to express myself by creating unique smoky eye looks.

Spring item you plan to splurge on:

As a business owner, I’m willing to invest in my company for better results! That’s why I have constructed an intricate website that will take my business to the next level.

Article of clothing (or accessory) you can’t live without:

My most beloved rings are gifts from my grandmother, as well as an “I Love Me” ring gifted to me by Be Well With Arielle. Additionally, I can’t overlook my splurge purchase – Cutler and Gross 1950s cat eyeglasses which have become part of my daily outfit due to both dry eyes and a passionate nostalgia for mid-20th century culture.

Office Lifestyle

At work, a typical day looks like this:

As an entrepreneur, I start my mornings off by tackling emails and adjusting my to-do list accordingly. Following the team’s assembly, we take a few minutes for personal check-ins before establishing our collective aims for the day. We invest most of our efforts in virtual gatherings and completing necessary jobs; however, we must never forget people need time away from work too – consequently taking breaks throughout is fundamental!

Office culture in a few words:

I’m driven, empathetic, and filled with ideas! I also love to add a bit of fun to conversations by using my favorite one-liners.

Favorite part of your job:

Not only is my mission a job, but it’s also my life purpose. Knowing that I am contributing to the improvement of this world brings me peace and joy every day.

What has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome?

Achieving a balanced lifestyle is no easy task, but I make sure to prioritize the three elements that are vital for my well-being and happiness: family, self-care, and love. As an entrepreneur who has started his own business venture 3WCircle activities can often become draining; which is why it’s key to collaborate with individuals who share your same values – especially in regards to wellness!

Apps (or other pieces of tech) you can’t live without:

My iPad mini and apps such as Boomerang, Google Drive, Ecofon, and Evernote.

Work-Life Integration

Morning routine:

Coffee and hot water with lemon to balance any acidity from my caffeine fix. A 45-minute workout to get my body moving and brain synapses working (yoga/running/pilates/spinning). I recently learned about Ayurvedic nutrition and based on my body type/the season, I now eat grounding foods such as gluten-free organic oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon!

Favorite spot for a ten-minute break?

A walk around the block.

On a Saturday you can be found:

Exploring the city with my boyfriend and other beloved people in my life is a priority. This can be anything from going on an energizing run along the West Side Highway to indulging in nutritious breakfasts at HU Kitchen or Jivamuktea Cafe, all while uncovering NYC’s hidden gems! I’m determined to increase my “cool factor” by trying out some of these lesser-known restaurants mentioned here.

Go-to brunch in NYC:

ABC Kitchen or Candle Cafe

When you have a day off, how do you spend it?

It’s so important to me that I spend time pampering myself and caring for the significant relationships in my life. That being said, every once in a while I love treating myself to a bit of TLC (tender loving care!), like indulging in some foot reflexology or even getting my nails done!

As a 10-year-old, what profession did you dream of having when you grew up?

Since I was a child, my dream has been to become a pediatrician with six kids, own several womenswear boutiques, and even act alongside Jennifer Aniston in movies. Though it may sound implausible to some people – an ambition of mine is also to be interviewed by Oprah! If she ever reads this message: I am still yearning for the opportunity of being invited onto her show as the interviewee (the topic could potentially revolve around balancing parenthood while having multiple career paths). Please do consider me Oprah …I would love nothing more than that chance!!


Best piece of advice ever received:

“The fragrance stays on the hand that gives the rose.” – Gandhi

As a firm believer in the notion of giving and receiving, I have come to understand that reciprocity is not always guaranteed. People need to recognize that good deeds may extend beyond those who receive them but will ultimately benefit the giver too. Don’t take rejection or indifference personally, and trust that your benevolent actions will be richly rewarded by karma in due time!

My mentor:

I am surrounded by wise women who serve as mentors in different aspects of my life- from the female family members, I cherish to Donnalynn of Ethereal Wellness, and other courageous souls willing to show vulnerability.

In 10 years… :

My goal is to start a family and cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and solidarity among women through the formation of genuine communities. In these places, individuals can move beyond external appearances or societal expectations and nurture each other with respect.

As a young professional woman:

Always be your genuine self, don’t leave any ill feelings behind you, and prioritize investing in yourself (your well-being is derived from both mental and physical health).

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