In our last post, we unveiled all of the tricks to building a stylish professional wardrobe from scratch. Now, let’s take it one step further and explore ways how to build a professional wardrobe and assemble an outstanding look without breaking your budget!

After a decade of working in office environments, we’ve determined that fit and comfortability are much more important than the cost of any clothing item. As long as your attire fits you perfectly and makes you feel great about yourself, no one can deny how amazing you look! This is an assurance we make with complete confidence.

TIP: Make your wardrobe look like it was made for you with the help of a talented tailor. Even inexpensive clothing can be transformed into pieces that perfectly fit your style and body!

It is essential for any professional woman to have a signature power suit in her wardrobe, but the great news is that it’s easy on your wallet! H&M offers gorgeous suits that are just as stylish as those high-end designer ones. Even better, Macy’s has amazing sales with prices starting at only $200 and below when you purchase select Calvin Klein brands. So don’t miss out and start shopping now to get yourself the perfect statement piece today!

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Shopping for your professional wardrobe just got easier, with high-quality staples from LOFT, Zara, and Nordstrom Rack – all available at under $100! Whether blazers or sheath dresses are what you’re after, their variety will not disappoint. Get even more out of each purchase too; these items mix and match effortlessly so there’s no need to spend extra on separate pieces when creating new looks.

TIP: Despite your desire to purchase multiple pieces of the same style, when you’re just starting out with a budget wardrobe, it’s advisable not to do so. Instead, buy fewer items in different styles and textures—this will create an impression that exudes richness without breaking the bank.

When it comes to blouses, button-ups, and fashionable professional skirts, ASOS is our definite go-to. In actuality, we love shopping at ASOS for anything! They offer amazingly affordable prices (which you can also filter by price range so that you won’t be tempted). The flexible buy and return policies make it possible to shop without any hesitation.

TIP: Shopping online can be a breeze when you take the time to figure out your size, as well as what styles will best flatter your body type. Carefully review sizing guides and get exact measurements of yourself – this is something most retailers suggest! This way, you’ll never find yourself stuck with an order that doesn’t fit right or with too much effort required for returning items.

Look no further for fashionable, low-cost work pants than The Limited. They have the perfect fit in a variety of styles from cropped cigarettes to leg-lengthening mid-rise flare legs and more! Plus, they come in short, regular, and long sizes – so you can shop without worrying about length issues. Even better? You can get four or five pairs with prices ranging under $300! Explore these affordable options as you learn how to build a wardrobe on a budget for professional success.

When selecting shoes, it’s essential to consider comfort over cost. Although there are many inexpensive footwear options out there, avoid horribly uncomfortable and low-priced shoes because you’ll pay back in other ways – not only will they be unbearable; but also likely won’t last more than a season. For comfortable yet affordable choices that provide value for your money, we recommend Aldo, Jessica Simpson, and Nine West brands. And don’t forget about Nordstrom’s yearly or half-yearly sales where higher-priced shoe styles get discounted significantly!

TIP: When you’re just starting out in your professional career, don’t feel the need to be extravagant when it comes to purchasing shoes. Rather than splurge on multiple pairs, allocate that money to other items and opt for a basic black pair of heels or flats and a neutral-colored shoe that will match nearly all of your outfits. Having comfortable walking shoes too is essential – because let’s face it, commuting can sometimes take its toll!

Looking for hip, chic, and professional bags or accessories? Look no further! Zara offers stunning and long-lasting accessories that all come in at under $120. If you need something to fit your laptop, files, and everyday items – their tote-style bags are a perfect choice. But if you desire a broad range of labels from well-known brands with even better prices – Nordstrom Rack has it all! Explore these stylish options as you discover how to build a wardrobe for professional success.

Have you been struggling with building your professional wardrobe, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got the answer! With our insider tips and tricks, you can build a fabulous wardrobe on any budget. Let us know how it goes in the comments below or post a picture of your favorite look using #houseofmarbury and #LevoLeague – we’d love to feature you on our blog!

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