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a woman day dreaming

Daydreaming Actually Does This to Your Creativity

Discover how daydreaming can open the door to a world of creativity, and why it has become even more valuable in our highly concentrated age.

colleagues discussing work

7 Young Freelancers Share Exactly How Much They’re Paid Each Year

We asked some of our community members to reveal their yearly incomes. Read this article and find out what they revealed!

woman inside her office looking at the window and confused of feeling happy or feeling bored

The Difference Between Feeling Bored and Feeling Unhappy at Work

This guide includes five questions to help you figure out if you’re bored or unhappy at work and what steps to take next.

The interviewee handed over her resume to the interviewer

8 Reasons Hiring Managers Haven’t Called You Back When There’s No Response to Your Job Application

Wondering why your job applications go unanswered? Find explanations for no-response job application situations with hiring managers.

Two women talking to each other while having drinks

College Grad Correspondent: “Saying Goodbye to the Comfort Zone”

You'll need to grow out of your comfort zone and into new spaces in order to achieve success. Here's how you can start doing that today!

man being interviewed in an office room

36 Funny Interview Questions You’ll Actually Enjoy Answering

Whether you're applying to your first job, or are a seasoned industry vet, these interview questions will help you nail your next interview.

Businesswoman making a pitch of a business idea

41 Brilliant Elevator Pitches That Will Inspire You to Write Your Own

Get ready to be inspired by these elevator pitches from our Levo community and get some ideas to help you write your own!

group of diverse people smiling and posing

How to Deal With Race and Religion at Work

Navigating tricky conversations about race and religion can be tough, but with the right tools, you can make it through unscathed.

A woman with hands on her hips standing behind glass wall

What It *Actually* Means to Figure Out Your Dream Job—and Go for It

If you’re not working towards your dream job, then what are you doing? Take this 4-step plan and get going! You can do it.

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