If you’ve ever had a micro-managing or overly lax boss, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind “I won’t do that when I become their shoes.” It’s only natural to want to avoid making the same mistakes. Now it is time for you to take on management responsibilities and lead by example – what type of leader will you be?

Becoming a first-time manager is an exhilarating journey of growth and development, however it may feel overwhelming in the beginning. Here are five tips to help make this transition easier:

Set Expectations Upfront

Congratulations on your promotion! Now that you have achieved success, it’s time to meet with your boss and discuss your expectations of you in this new role as a manager. Additionally, be sure to communicate these same goals and objectives individually with each of your direct reports. Explain what success looks like for them and their team, while also sharing any “hot buttons” or things that are important to you – such as being punctual by arriving five minutes early before meetings start. This is the ideal opportunity to identify their career ambitions and set clear goals for them throughout the year.

Seek Training and Mentorship

As a manager, you may face situations that are hard to predict. What will be your course of action if an individual under your supervision is not meeting expectations? Or what if someone from your team confides in you about being wrongfully harassed? To handle such scenarios skillfully and lawfully, contact Human Resources for professional guidance. They can provide training programs specifically tailored to aid new managers with giving constructive feedback, monitoring performance levels, and having uncomfortable conversations when necessary. Reaching out to HR representatives is the best way forward!

A mentor is a perfect resource to assist you in your journey as a new manager. Is there someone from your past, like an old boss that stands out and fills you with admiration? Ask them if they have time for coffee; it’s worth finding out what lessons they would have passed on when starting their own managerial position!

Tailor Your Management Style

After my promotion to a managerial role, I swiftly realized that the traits of an effective manager aren’t precisely what my team yearned for from me. Since I loathe being micromanaged myself, it’s natural that I assumed all of them would prefer not having someone hovering over their shoulders as well. Yet I soon comprehended how important it is to customize your management style based on each person’s skill set – for instance, those with only rudimentary expertise require more guidance and explicit instructions about how to make progress in their job responsibilities. It is essential to provide your team with precise guidelines, instructions, and timelines. An experienced worker will benefit from a leadership style that allows for more freedom and responsibility in decision-making.

Succeed as a Team

As a manager, you’re only as successful as your weakest team member. Make sure to set aside time to understand the obstacles and needs of your group. What do they need in order to be successful in their job? How can you assist them with developing professionally? When celebrating success together, it is important that credit is shared amongst everyone by using language like “we” or “our” rather than singularly taking all the glory for yourself. After all, when your team does well — so do you!

Be Confident

As a manager, it can be hard to make decisions that are disliked by your team. But remember, you weren’t promoted because of your friendship with them; instead, you were announced as the leader due to your skills and potential for effective leadership. Trust in yourself — even if some people don’t agree with what you do or say now, they will eventually respect and recognize the power behind those decisions. Company heads have seen this quality in you already; trust their judgement and let confidence guide yours!

Hundreds of publications exist to teach the fundamentals of managerial excellence, but nothing compares to real-world application. What do you wish someone had told you when you first stepped into a leadership role? Share your insights with us in the comments below!

If you desire to elevate your management skills, then these tips about becoming an exceptional leader are for you! Discover more now and take control of your journey towards being a magnificent manager.

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